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How to incorporate scent work into playtime
Sniff out some impulse control - Your Dog contributor Tony Cruse explains the game of "chuck the cheese"
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The pros and cons of neutering
A reader considers whether or not to have her Lhaso Apso neutered, Vicky Payne advises.
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Sores between the toes
VIcky Payne answers one readers concern for his Staffordshire Bull Terrier and cysts between the toes.
Your dog's health
My dog keeps itching, what can I do about it?
Is your dog scratching and licking himself a lot? Vet Emelie Fogelberg advises on some of the causes of itchy skin and…
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How to manage excitable dogs
Some dogs just never seem to switch off. Trainer Carol Price advises on managing more obsessive-compulsive, excitable…
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Water - the elixir of your dogs life
Despite its life-giving properties, all too often the impact of water on the health of our dogs is overlooked, as Dr…
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Get to know your dog better- Free Work
Would you like to understand your dog better, and open up a whole new world of communication between you? Well, you can…
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Should I use a collar or a harness?
Are you looking for new dog walking equipment and are deciding between a collar or a harness? Here's our advice on which…
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Has lockdown made my dog more anxious?
Are you worried that spending more time at home during lockdown has increased your dogs anxiousness when being left home…
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