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Giving your dog the freedom of choice
When we talk of giving a dog a choice about whether he engages with us or not, and how he does this, we need to bear in…
Understand your dog
Make sure you and your dog are prepared for an emergency.
Floods and high winds seem to be becoming a regular occurrence in the UK — but as well as extreme weather conditions,…
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Enjoying walking adventures with your dog
Walking has physical and mental benefits for us and our dogs. It can also be a low-cost way to share quality time with…
Walking your dog
Travelling safely in the car with your dog
What are the options when it comes to travelling easily and safely in the car with your dog? Alison Gallagher-Hughes…
Dog Travel Advice
10 ways to make the most of your dog walks
They are brilliant for bonding and for discovering more about your environment, says top trainer and behaviourist Jackie…
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Time to say goodbye
The hardest decision you’ll ever need to make for your dog is to let him go when the time is right, says Karen…
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The forgotten senses
Helping your dog to engage all his senses can boost his confidence and open up his world, says Sarah Fisher.
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Collar or harness? Which do you choose?
Do collars put some dogs at risk of trachea injury? Does a harness encourage a dog to pull? Julie Hill discovers there…
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10 ways to make your dog happy
Put a smile on your dog’s face with tips and advice from trainer and behaviourist Jackie Drakeford.
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