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Dog-friendly flora
After her Beagle ingested two types of toxic plant Claire Ransom adapted her successful online business to educate…
Your dog's health
Using a flirt pole
As well as providing your dog with lots of fun, a flirt pole can teach him self-control. Karen Bush and Toni Shelbourne…
Sports with your dog
The industry pioneers
Doing things differently, and putting the dog’s emotions at the centre of everything has been key to the success of the…
Teach your dog
'Teacup' dogs
Tiny dogs may look sweet — even irresistible — but the truth about them often leaves a bad taste in the mouth, as Julie…
Care for your dog
What treat is right for your dog?
With so many dog treats on the market, how do you decide which are right for your dog, or if you need them at all?…
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How to be a more confident dog owner
Confident owners create confident dogs, says trainer and behaviourist Jackie Drakeford.
What is the best policy when picking up poo?
A reader wonders what is the best policy from an environmental aspect of poo picking.
Walking your dog
What to do if you think your dog has eaten something poisonous?
A reader asks for advice after she suspected her dog of swallowing something harmful. Vicky Payne advises.
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How do you firm up a dogs poo?
A worried reader asks for advice on how to stop her young dog experiencing loose stools. Your Dog expert Vicky Payne…
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