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Watch and Learn
Training is the key to getting your dog more focused on you. Carol Price explains how.
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My dog is eating dead animals on our walks, is this okay?
A reader is concerned that her terrier is eating dead rabbits and wonders how this behaviour can be stopped. Tony Cruse…
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The benefits of teaching your dog the 'down' command
Tony Cruse advises a reader on how to teach his Vizsla-cross dog the "down" command.
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Toxic treats
You need to be extra vigilant during the Easter period, especially with all those tempting foodstuffs lying around, many…
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Is one more dog double the trouble?
Trainer Tony Cruse advises for anyone thinking of extending their canine family.
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My dog is easily distracted, what can I do?
Tony Cruse advises a reader on what to do to help their English Springer Spaniel concentrate.
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Does a wagging tail always mean my dog is happy?
Tamsin Durston explains the different reasons a dog may be wagging its tail.
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How can I improve my dog’s rusty recall!
Kate Ellam advises a reader on how to improve her dogs recall skills.
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Food fact v Food fiction
In our new series, Dr Jacqueline Boyd takes a closer look at canine nutrition and how to choose what’s best for your…
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