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Become a dog blood donor

Dog blood donors are desperately needed to provide blood for life-saving treatments for sick and injured dogs.

9 ways to help you spot muscle pain in your dog

If we told you that 45% of the dogs bodyweight is muscle, would that explain why keeping your dogs muscles in good working condition is the key to keeping them mobile, active and happier even into their senior years?

Are acorns poisonous to dogs?

Acorns contain tannic acid, which is believed to be the toxic element of the nut and can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Ingested acorns can also cause intestinal blockages.

How to stop your dog running off

Does your dog go AWOL the instant you unclip his lead? This can cause you a lot of stress and put both your dog and passers-by in danger. Chasing your dog across the park is not only embarrassing but can actually make things worse.

How do I introduce my dog to a new baby?

If you or someone close to you is expecting a baby it's important to get your dog used to as many babies as possible before the new arrival, particularly if he's unfamiliar with youngsters.

How to prepare your dog for his vet visit

With a little preparation, your pet will sail through a veterinary examination. Trainer Tony Cruse takes you through it...

Why won't my puppy play on his own?

Trainer Tony Cruse offers some tips on how to keep your puppy entertained and interested in his toys...

How frequently should dogs be vaccinated?

If you an unsure how often your dog needs vaccinating, take a look at Vet Roberta Baxter's advice...

Why does my dog have blood in his wee?

Vet Roberta Baxter offers some advice to a reader who's dog has drops of blood in their wee...