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How to ensure you have the best insurance cover for your dog
For the dog owner, insurance is all about peace of mind, but how do you ensure you have the best, and most appropriate,…
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What is Cushing’s disease?
Cushing’s disease (also known as hyperadrenocorticism) is named after Henry Cushing who first described the disease in…
Your dog's health
5 tips to keep your dog safe in the water
Follow our top tips to help keep your water baby safe and happy.
Walking your dog
10 tips to help reduce stressful vet visits
Veterinary nurse Michelle Cox advises on how to reduce anxiety during vet visits...
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Why should you rescue a dog?
Looking to welcome a new dog into your home? Carolyn Menteith discovers why a rescue dog could be your perfect fit.
Your rescue dog
Make sure your children and dogs have a great relationship
Children and dogs can have a great relationship — as long as they understand each other and attention is paid to what…
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Christmas safety tips for your puppy
Christmas is a time we all want to enjoy, especially with our four-legged friends by our side. However it's important…
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Why is my dog sick after he eats?
Do you find that your dog is often sick straight after he has eaten his food? Vet Roberta Baxter offers her advice on…
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How do I stop my dog barking at other dogs?
If your dog tends to bark when he sees other dogs, then Trainer Tony Cruse may be able to help!
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