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'Teacup' dogs
Tiny dogs may look sweet — even irresistible — but the truth about them often leaves a bad taste in the mouth, as Julie…
Care for your dog
What treat is right for your dog?
With so many dog treats on the market, how do you decide which are right for your dog, or if you need them at all?…
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How to be a more confident dog owner
Confident owners create confident dogs, says trainer and behaviourist Jackie Drakeford.
What is the best policy when picking up poo?
A reader wonders what is the best policy from an environmental aspect of poo picking.
Walking your dog
What to do if you think your dog has eaten something poisonous?
A reader asks for advice after she suspected her dog of swallowing something harmful. Vicky Payne advises.
Your dog's health
How do you firm up a dogs poo?
A worried reader asks for advice on how to stop her young dog experiencing loose stools. Your Dog expert Vicky Payne…
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What causes fishy breath?
A reader asks how to tackle her dogs's smelly breath, YD expert Vicky Payne advises.
Your dog's health
Contagious Canine Cough – What’s the risk to your dog?
Are you one of the estimated 3.2 million* UK households that have welcomed a new pet into their family home during…
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Embrace your gundogs skills
Tap into your spaniel or retriever’s inherent skills and you hold the key to a better and closer bond, as Dr Jacqueline…
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