Puppy Advice

Navigate the exciting journey of puppyhood with confidence through our comprehensive collection of puppy advice articles. From potty training to socialisation tips, teething remedies to basic obedience techniques, our expert insights provide invaluable guidance to help you and your new furry family member thrive. Whether you're a first-time puppy parent or seeking a refresher, our articles cover a wide range of topics to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your adorable pup. Delve into our curated resources to build a strong foundation of care, training, and understanding that will foster a lifelong bond and a happy, healthy life for your precious companion.

Help your puppy avoid separation anxiety
Ideally, you want to avoid puppies developing separation anxiety as much as possible. Although some are more predisposed…
Identifying separation anxiety in your puppy
Certain behaviour may be noticeable that suggests your pup has separation anxiety.
10 ways to develop your puppy's social skills
Are you looking to develop your pups social skills? Here's some useful tips.
How to puppy-proof your house
Have you considered how you’re going to ‘puppify’ your home for the whirlwind of fun and chaos that has joined your…
What is the best diet for my puppy?
Give your new pup the best start by ensuring his dietary needs are met.
Is it possible to give a puppy too much exercise?
While it is common for vets, breeders, and trainers to caution against over-exercising your puppy, there is limited…
What vaccinations does my puppy need and when?
There are several dog vaccines licensed for use in the UK and these have slightly different schedules for when each part…
What are puppy training pads and are they any good?
These absorbent square mats, known as puppy pads, stop urine or faeces from coming into contact with your floor or…
What is a puppy pen and how should I use it?
A puppy pen is very similar to a toddler’s playpen. A pen is a must-have because it gives the puppy some space where he…