Behaviour & Training

Empower yourself with effective strategies for nurturing positive puppy behaviour and training with our comprehensive advice. Our meticulously crafted articles offer invaluable insights into understanding your puppy's needs, teaching essential commands, and addressing common behavioural challenges. From housebreaking and crate training to leash manners and socialisation techniques, our expert guidance equips you with the tools to foster a well-mannered and well-adjusted canine companion. Explore our resources to establish a strong foundation of communication, trust, and cooperation, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable journey as you guide your puppy toward becoming a confident and obedient member of your family.

Help your puppy avoid separation anxiety
Ideally, you want to avoid puppies developing separation anxiety as much as possible. Although some are more predisposed…
Identifying separation anxiety in your puppy
Certain behaviour may be noticeable that suggests your pup has separation anxiety.
10 ways to develop your puppy's social skills
Are you looking to develop your pups social skills? Here's some useful tips.
What are puppy training pads and are they any good?
These absorbent square mats, known as puppy pads, stop urine or faeces from coming into contact with your floor or…
How do I crate train a puppy?
A crate is a metal cage that usually folds flat. Both the words ‘crate’ and ‘cage’ sound slightly harsh — but you can…
How do I lead train my puppy?
A lead is a great management tool we all use for our dogs. It prevents our dog from running into danger and walking a…
How do I toilet train a puppy?
Nothing illustrates how much we love our puppies like the commitment we show when toilet training. Imagine giving any…
Why does my puppy eat his poo?
If your puppy eats his poo on a regular basis, then behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith may be able to offer some tips on how…
How can I help my puppy to calm down?
How can I help my puppy to calm down? It's important that you teach your puppy to calm down from an early age.