Teach your dog

Dog training tips for dogs and puppies.

Inside a puppy training class

Watch how you can teach your puppy to meet new people, loose lead training, and how to get your puppy to stay.

Teach your dog the whistle recall

Time to go home? Call your dog in from the garden? Or pop your dog on the lead in a busy park? How do we get our dog to return to us? The whistle is a very successful way! Three pips and your dog sprints back to you!

Walking your dog on a loose lead

Walking your dog on a loose lead - a step-by-step video guide by dog trainer Tony Cruse...

Teach your dog the hand-touch game

Teach your dog the hand-touch game with trainer Tony Cruse's three minute dog training tips...

Help, my dog barks at everything!

Do you have a dog that tends to get quite vocal in different situations? Jackie Drakeford shares a few ideas to help reduce barking...

Teach your dog to leave

Teach your dog to 'leave' following the advice of dog trainer (and Your Dog's training expert) Tony Cruse.

Teach your dog loose-lead walking

Carolyn Menteith explains why it makes sense to teach your dog loose-lead walking...

Teach your dog to settle on cue

Having a dog who will settle on cue is a godsend. Carolyn Menteith explains why this is one of the best exercises you will ever teach your pet...

Why it's important to teach your dog to sit

The sit is one of the useful commands for your dog to learn, as Carolyn Menteith explains…