Care for your dog

Caring for your dog - dog care and advice tips.

Coping with the loss of your dog

Psychologist Dr Sue Dawson advises on understanding and coping with the loss of a much-loved pet...

Daily dental care for dogs

February is known in many countries around the world as ‘Dental Month’ for dogs, and yet very few animal organisations here in the UK recognise it.

Leaving your dog home alone

If you need to leave your dog home alone for a few hours, take a look at these tips to ensure he remains happy and safe...

40 ways to get through winter with your dog

Karen Bush provides the best tips to get through the coldest months with your dog.

How to clean dogs ears

Keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy with our step-by-step guide.

How to care for your dog after a vet visit

The vet has told you to collect your dog from the surgery, the anaesthetic is wearing off, so now what? Trainer Tony Cruse advises...

How to find the best day-care for your dog

So how do you go about finding the best day-care for your pet? Carolyn Menteith advises…

How to protect your dog against theft

With dog theft showing no signs of abating, Joanne Bednall investigates this worrying trend, and how we can keep our pets safe...

How to ensure you have the best insurance cover for your dog

For the dog owner, insurance is all about peace of mind, but how do you ensure you have the best, and most appropriate, cover for your dog?