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Your Dog Magazine December 2023

We're thrilled to introduce some fresh new features in this edition. For those with dog-doting children, we’ve launched a new pull-out section for junior readers. It's a place where young readers can…

On Sale: 02 November 2023

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Your Dog Magazine November 2023

Your Dog Magazine brings you a trio of heart-warming real-life stories this month. For starters there’s Lydia Ruffle (see page 16), the little girl who first dreamed of getting her own puppy when she…

On Sale: 05 October 2023

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Your Dog Magazine October 2023

This can be the best time of the year to enjoy some outdoor adventures with your dog. Autumn — with its glorious colours, enticing scents, and lower temperatures (particularly important for our canine…

On Sale: 07 September 2023

Your Dog Magazine September 2023

Keeping our pets engaged and stimulated always reaps benefits. Bored dogs can get up to all sorts of mischief, and if that sounds familiar, check out page 10 this issue, where top trainer and…

On Sale: 03 August 2023

Your Dog Magazine August 2023

In our August issue we’re taking an in-depth look at ‘the merry cocker’ as he’s known, covering everything from what it’s like living with the breed to the differences between Working Cockers and Show…

On Sale: 06 July 2023

Your Dog Magazine July 2023

There's lots of great reading in this issue, from advice on recognising and helping your dog to overcome stress (page 10), to 10 ways to boost your dog’s confi dence (page 26), advice and tips to help…

On Sale: 01 June 2023

Your Dog Magazine June 2023

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through 2023 — time to get busy and enjoy some new activities and adventures while you can. Late spring/early summer is a lovely time to discover new walks…

On Sale: 04 May 2023

Your Dog Magazine May 2023

Training your dog doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s the message from top trainer and behaviourist Jackie Drakeford in our lead feature this month — ’10 ways to make training easier’ (page 10).

On Sale: 06 April 2023

Your Dog Magazine April 2023

Going on holiday with your dog could be the best thing you do this year, so if you haven’t started making plans yet, now is the time!

On Sale: 02 March 2023

Your Dog Magazine March 2023

There is lots to look forward to for dog lovers in March. For starters, over the past few weeks, you’ll have noticed that mornings and evenings are getting lighter, meaning more quality time for you…

On Sale: 02 February 2023

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