Your rescue dog

Tips and advice for rescue dogs.

How to adopt a rescue dog

A rescue centre/shelter is probably the best place for you to visit if you want to adopt a rescue dog...

Why should you rescue a dog?

Looking to welcome a new dog into your home? Carolyn Menteith discovers why a rescue dog could be your perfect fit.

Taking care of a retired Greyhound

Greyhounds make lovely pets - as many of us already know - but they are different from most dogs. And changing from a working life to becoming a pet is much smoother when we understand these differences.

Socialising your rescue puppy

Nathalie Ingham gives one of our readers some tips on how to socialise their rescue dog...

How to improve my dog's recall

Improve your rescue dog's recall with these training tips from Nathalie Ingham...

My rescue dog won't eat!

Refusing to eat could be an indicator of anxiety - as Nathalie Ingham explains...

House training your rescue dog

People think that older dogs will be house-trained but this isn't always the case, especially if they've spent time in kennels; it's best to start from scratch.

My rescue dog can't be left alone

Claire Arrowsmith offers her advise to a Your Dog reader whose rescue dog does not like to be left alone...

Should I get an older dog?

Claire Arrowsmith advises on the pros and cons of adoption an older dog, rather than bringing a puppy into your home and starting from scratch...