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Dog walks at risk

The routes you love may not always be accessible if they are not registered as public rights of way. Stephen Jenkinson explains...

The UK's first airport therapy dog

Alaskan Malamute and airport therapy dog Harley and his owner, Niel Chisholm, are scaling new heights. Joanne Bednall reports...

How to get your dog fix without owning a dog

You can still enjoy contact with dogs, even when you haven’t got a long-term canine companion. Julie Hill explains...

Government pledges war on rogue breeders

The government has confirmed it will clamp down on unscrupulous dog breeders and sellers by banning the third-party sale of puppies.

Experts warn against pet obesity

Most of us probably spoilt our pets with a few extra treats over Christmas. But, with new research showing that overweight dogs may have shorter lives, it's worth making sure you get the balance right.

Show you care by putting your pet’s health first

Did you know that almost half* of the UK’s pet owners buy a gift for their pet on Valentine’s Day? And why not? We are a nation of pet lovers after all - we have a reputation to maintain!