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Underlying causes of lameness in dogs
Lameness in dogs can often go unnoticed by owners, or requires some real veterinary detective work to discover the…
Talking Dogs with Rory ‘The Vet’ Cowlam
‘The Pets Factor’ star and Amazon best-selling author Rory ‘the Vet’ Cowlam talks to Your Dog.
Flea invasion!
Hotter summers and warmer, wetter winters have created an ideal breeding ground for these pesky parasites.
Talking Dogs with Nicky Campbell
Nicky Campbell talks to Your Dog about the love he has for dogs and the comfort and happiness they can bring.
Abandoned puppy becomes police recruit
Badger the abandoned Cocker Spaniel puppy is now helping Surrey and Sussex to sniff out crime!
Government promises dog theft action
Home Secretary Priti Patel has pledged to look at tougher penalties for pet theft, after the number of dogs stolen…