Your Dog product spotlight: Natures Menu Freeze Dried Range


05 March 2024
Natures Menu has launched its new freeze dried range, proudly proclaiming it to be ‘raw made convenient’ — and as a long-standing champion of the benefits of raw feeding, they should know.

Benefits of raw feeding dogs

Raw feeding continues to be a growing movement among dog owners who report numerous benefits to their dogs’ health. With a belief that raw is better for dogs, as it is more alike to how their ancestors would have eaten, more raw pet foods brands are emerging. Natures Menu has long been established though and continues to be a pioneer with the development of their freeze dried range.

Reported benefits of raw Feeding from Natures Menu:

  • Digestive wellbeing
  • Shiny coat and healthy skin
  • More manageable poos

The move is designed to offer the benefits of raw feeding with the convenience of kibble. Using the closest technology to raw feeding, freeze-drying removes the water content from the raw ingredients, preserving it and retaining the goodness and flavours. All owners have to do is pour the nuggets into their pet’s bowl. There is no need to wait for it to thaw, making Natures Menu’s freeze dried range ideal for when owners are ‘on the go’ or if they want a stepping stone to trying raw.

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Freeze-dried dog food

Available in four flavours (beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb) and two pack sizes (120g and 250g), the Freeze Dried nuggets are a complete and balanced 80:20 meal option — 80% meat and offals with 20% fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. All flavours offer natural, high-quality ingredients and maximum convenience with no compromise on taste or quality.

The range is designed to be interchangeable with the Natures Menu 80:20 complete and balanced raw range. The ‘raw with no thaw’ format means it’s the best alternative to raw when owners don’t have access to a freezer and can be just poured according to the feeding guidelines.

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Expert at Natures Menu, said: “Raw feeding offers a wealth of benefits, however we do understand that it requires pre-planning and can be challenging if owners don’t have access to a freezer, such as when they’re on holiday.

“The new Freeze Dried range is born from 40 years of research, nutritional experience, and knowledge crammed into one bitesize nugget. The range offers pet owners the best of both worlds — natural high-quality ingredients, maximum nutrients preservation, and digestive wellbeing in the most convenient format available.”

Based in Norfolk, Natures Menu specialises in raw and natural dog food made with quality meats, blended vegetables, fruits and healthy carbohydrates.

Start feeding dog raw

If you’ve heard a lot about raw diets but are not sure where to start, the Natures Menu website is a handy resource to help you understand the wider concepts of raw feeding and their brand.

Their ‘Raw Feeding’ section delves into how to feed raw, how to transition a dog to raw, busts some myths, explains good practice around cleaning bowls and surfaces, and answers many FAQs — many of these in easy to watch videos too. Perhaps trying Natures Menu’s freeze dried nuggets is a first step into trying a full raw diet.

Your Dog pros!

Good price point — Natures Menu’s new range is great quality at a fair price. On their website, Natures Menu tries to flag up best-selling and best value products. Their subscription service offers a discount and has the added benefit that customers can cancel at any time.

High quality nutrition — Natures Menu’s philosophy is to select ingredients for their diverse nutritional benefits in all their products. Their freeze dried range uses quality meat, mixed with offal, vegetables, and fruit, as well as minerals and vitamins. Owners will be feeding an excellent quality diet that preserves goodness and delivers convenience.

Convenience — millions of owners choose to feed their dogs a raw diet because they believe in the potential benefits. Natures Menu’s freeze dried range is the closest thing to their raw meals but with the convenience of a dry kibble. There is no need for a freezer or ensuring a meal is defrosted in time. It is simply pour the nuggets into the bowl.

Customer service — Natures Menu wants their products to have a positive impact on dogs and their owners. Customer service is important and this is reflected in their 4.7/5 rating, and Platinum Trusted Service award from Feefo. Their website even has a customer testimonial section called Nature’s Mates!