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    Inside the May issue of Your Dog you will find your chance to win a year's supply of dog food! Find out how to challenge yourself and aim to do something different with your dog this year, plus how to make your dog walks more exciting. What it's like living with a dog with heart disease, your top 10 breeds — the Cocker Spaniel, and six pages of advice, tips, and puppy pics!
    On Sale: 06 April 2018
Make your dog a Facebook superstar using new app!

It is a given that pet owners simply love to share images of their four-legged friends on social media, and now millions of pet owners across the UK can make their pet a Facebook superstar thanks to a new innovative app which puts the nation’s pets at the heart of a new social…

2018 set to be the biggest year for pet travel!

Marcel Le Corgi offers his ‘ruff’ guide. The five year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has more than 70k followers on Instagram, making him the most popular corgi in the UK.

Why do dogs wag their tails?

We always think of happy dogs as ones that wag their tails. But is that why they do it? Well, Shield Total Insurance has looked into the reasons why our four-legged friends wag their tails, and you might be surprised when you discover the facts...

How do I stop my dog barking at other dogs?

Dog trainer Tony Cruse offers a few simple tips on how to make your dog focus on you, rather than barking at dogs nearby.

How to set up a dog walking group

Dog-walking groups are becoming ever more popular, whether as a social get-together with friends on special occasions such as Boxing Day, or regular organised walks.

How to keep your dog calm throughout firework season

Are you worried that your dog is overweight? Here are some top tips to help you get your dog's weight under control.