How do I lead train my puppy?


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A lead is a great management tool we all use for our dogs. It prevents our dog from running into danger and walking a dog on a lead is a joint activity. But why do we assume a puppy wants a 6ft rope attached to him?

We have to slowly teach a puppy that these pieces of equipment are OK and allow him to get used to them. Start as early as possible by putting a collar and tag on your puppy. Do this at mealtimes and then remove it. This builds up a positive association. After a week or so, you can leave it on.

Now begin to attach the lead. A training lead is recommended, which is much lighter than a standard lead and a little longer. Walk your puppy up and down the garden and give him a treat whenever it is not tight. This encourages walking with a loose lead. 

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Your puppy may well start chewing or tugging at his new lead. Don’t join in by tugging it and making it a game. The best thing to do is drop the lead and distract him with something else — game over! You may have to do this a few times to start with.

Practise in the garden first with short two-minute sessions. And don’t forget the lead is a good management tool in the house too, for example when guests visit.