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How to care for a dog with allergies

Vets are seeing more and more dogs with allergies, and managing an allergic dog is both baffling and frustrating for owners, as Sue Corfield explains...

Why do dogs howl?

Why do dogs howl? Howling is an instinctive behaviour and is a form of communication, thought to call together members of the pack or the familiar people known to the dog.

Why do dogs have whiskers?

Why do dogs have whiskers? Whiskers are not just there to make our dogs look extra cute — whiskers help them to feel their way around the world.

Are you feeding your dog the right balance?

It’s a question we all, as dog owners, ask ourselves. Whilst we may look at our own diets and strive to eat as healthily as we can, are we doing the same for our pets?

What is canine adolescence?

What is canine adolescence? How does it change dogs and why? Trainer and behaviourist Carol Price explains...

Daily dental care for dogs

February is known in many countries around the world as ‘Dental Month’ for dogs, and yet very few animal organisations here in the UK recognise it.

About dog agility

The sport of dog agility began in 1977 when Crufts committee member John Varley decided to try to create a demonstration to fill the time between people watching the obedience championship and the beginning of the group judging.

Shall I get a dog or a bitch?

Whether to get a male or female dog is one of those questions that owners can agonise over. When asking yourself 'Should I get a dog or a bitch?' here is what to think about: 

How to cope in a canine crisis

Would you know what to do if your dog started choking? Joanne Bednall tells us how attending a pet first aid course could potentially save a dog’s life...