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Best dog beds
Depending on your dog’s needs, these dog beds are some of the best choices available…
Care for your dog
Choosing the right bed for your dog
When choosing a new dog bed, it’s important you get the right one. An uncomfortable bed contributes to a disturbed night…
Care for your dog
The importance of your dog's digestive health
Don’t take your dog’s digestive system for granted, says animal scientist Dr Jacqueline Boyd as she highlights how…
Your dog's diet
Gundog training
Gundog breeds and types are firm favourites as companion dogs, who often never actually work as gundogs. Jacqueline Boyd…
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10 ways to boost your dog's confidence
Trainer and behaviourist Jackie Drakeford shares 10 useful tips on how to help your dog be happy, calm, and confident.
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What is making my dog stressed?
Living in the human world can be confusing and difficult, this causing stress for many of our dogs, but there are ways…
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Can I walk my dog after his vaccination?
A nice walk can be a treat after a visit to the vet for vaccination, but remember that puppies won’t have the full…
Walking your dog
How soon can I walk my dog after neutering?
Your dog can go for short lead walks from the evening of their neutering unless your vet advises otherwise.
Walking your dog
When is it too cold to walk your dog?
The answer depends on many factors. When walking your dog in the cold weather, monitoring your dog’s behaviour and body…
Walking your dog