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What are the pros and cons of neutering?

It’s one of the dog owner’s biggest decisions, to neuter or not? Vet Vicky Payne reflects on the pro and cons of the procedure…

How to help your dog enjoy Christmas

With so much to do during the festive period, make sure your dog has plenty of Christmas cheer...

What is sudden onset blindness?

Sudden onset blindness is a condition which causes your dog to lose his sight in a relatively short period of time — anything from as rapidly as a few days, to up to a week or two.

How to protect your dog against theft

With dog theft showing no signs of abating, Joanne Bednall investigates this worrying trend, and how we can keep our pets safe...

How to ensure you have the best insurance cover for your dog

For the dog owner, insurance is all about peace of mind, but how do you ensure you have the best, and most appropriate, cover for your dog?

What is Cushing’s disease?

Cushing’s disease (also known as hyperadrenocorticism) is named after Henry Cushing who first described the disease in humans in 1912.

What can I do with my dog's poo?

Flick it, bin it, or store it in a wormery — we explore the options.

5 tips to keep your dog safe in the water

Follow our top tips to help keep your water baby safe and happy.

10 tips to help reduce stressful vet visits

Veterinary nurse Michelle Cox advises on how to reduce anxiety during vet visits...