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Stay safe when walking your dog
Most of the time, walking your dog is an enjoyable way of spending time together, but there’s also plenty of potential…
Walking your dog
Keep your dog calm and stress-free when meeting other dogs.
Not all dogs feel comfortable meeting other dogs. Trainer and behaviour adviser Sarah Whiffen advises on how to manage…
Walking your dog
Spoilt for choice!
With such a huge range of different diets available for dogs, how do you choose which to feed? Dr Jacqueline Boyd…
Your dog's diet
Insecure or easy going
Dogs’ personalities vary, but are they born, made, or something in-between? Carol Price advises.
Understand your dog
Train your dog at home
You can still work your dog’s brain and keep their training up to scratch from the comfort of your own home.
Teach your dog
Help your dog avoid trouble with other dogs
Is dog-on-dog aggression on the increase? Is there any way you can help your dog to avoid getting into trouble? Andrea…
Understand your dog
Fearing the worst- Anxiety & Phobias in your pet!
Constantly anticipating threats — often without reason — can be a sign of anxiety and phobias in your pet. Vicky Payne…
Understand your dog
My dog gets aggressive before a walk
A reader asks for advice on calming her young Yorkshire Terrier when going for a walk. Your Dog expert Tony Cruse offers…
Walking your dog
Cockerpoo coat care
A reader asks for advice on how to keep her Cockerpoo's coat in top condition during the winter months.
Care for your dog