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Insecure or easy going
Dogs’ personalities vary, but are they born, made, or something in-between? Carol Price advises.
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Train your dog at home
You can still work your dog’s brain and keep their training up to scratch from the comfort of your own home.
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Help your dog avoid trouble with other dogs
Is dog-on-dog aggression on the increase? Is there any way you can help your dog to avoid getting into trouble? Andrea…
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Fearing the worst- Anxiety & Phobias in your pet!
Constantly anticipating threats — often without reason — can be a sign of anxiety and phobias in your pet. Vicky Payne…
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My dog gets aggressive before a walk
A reader asks for advice on calming her young Yorkshire Terrier when going for a walk. Your Dog expert Tony Cruse offers…
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Cockerpoo coat care
A reader asks for advice on how to keep her Cockerpoo's coat in top condition during the winter months.
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Supporting pets who’ve piled on pandemic pounds
A new campaign has been launched to tackle the UK’s growing pet obesity crisis, after a vet charity’s survey revealed…
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My dog is aggressive with some dogs
A reader is concerned about his Staffordshire Bull Terrier's aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.
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My dog mounts other dogs
Your Dog expert Tamsin Durston helps a reader understand the reasons behind her Border Collie's habit of mounting other…
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