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Missed jabs
Vicky Payne advises a reader over his concern regarding missed vaccinations for his dogs.
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No way to say hello!
Tony Cruse advises a reader on ways to deter his dog jumping up to greet people.
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Water, water…
Your Dog expert Vicky Payne helps a worried reader understand the possible reasons for her Golden Retriever drinking…
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Making his mark!
Tamsin Durston helps a reader understand the reason her dog is cocking his leg and sniffing the ground constantly.
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Teaching your dog good manners around the house
We spend a lot of time teaching our dogs to sit, stay, and come when called to keep them safe outside, but teaching good…
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Flea invasion!
Hotter summers and warmer, wetter winters have created an ideal breeding ground for these pesky parasites.
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Shedding those execess pounds
Being overweight can compromise your dog’s heath and shorten his life, so now is a good time to shed those excess…
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My dog is starting to chase my cat
Kate Ellam adresses the concerns of a reader whose terrier is aggravating her cat.
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Inside toileting
Kate Ellam advises a new dog owner on problems with her rescue dog and toileting troubles.
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