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Selective Recall
A reader asks for advice on sharpening up his Labrador's recall skills.
Understand your dog
My dog can't be left alone
A concerned reader asks for help and advice on looking after her rescue Cockerpoo puppy.
Understand your dog
Advice for becoming a dog trainer
A long term dog owner looking for a career change, ask for advice on becoming a dog trainer.
Teach your dog
Seaside safety for your dog
A stomach full of sand after a trip to the beach nearly proved fatal for Cockerpoo Ruby. Joanne Bednall reports.
Dog Travel Advice
Quiz: Do you know your dog?
Check out our fun personality quiz to find out more about your dog’s character! You could be surprised at what you…
Understand your dog
Reducing your stress levels
Reducing your reactive dog’s stress levels and helping him to relax can change those negative feelings, advise…
Understand your dog
Dog-friendly flora
After her Beagle ingested two types of toxic plant Claire Ransom adapted her successful online business to educate…
Your dog's health
Using a flirt pole
As well as providing your dog with lots of fun, a flirt pole can teach him self-control. Karen Bush and Toni Shelbourne…
Sports with your dog
The industry pioneers
Doing things differently, and putting the dog’s emotions at the centre of everything has been key to the success of the…
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