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Why does my small dog bark at larger dogs?
Your Dog expert Tony Cruse answers the issue of barking and lunging in small dogs.
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Why does my dog roll in fox poo?
A reader asks how to deal with her dog rolling in fox poo and how to get rid of the unpleasant smells resulting from it.
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Why does my dogs mount other dogs?
One reader is worried about her young female labrador mounting dogs she meets on walks, a Your Dog expert explains some…
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Can dogs suffer from water intoxication?
Your Dog expert, Vicky Payne helps a reader understand the dangers of her dog ingesting too much water.
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Why do some dogs bond most strongly with only one person in a family?
One reader wonders why the family dog has the strongest bond with only herself.
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Tips on grooming your dogs feet
A reader wonders what type of scissors to use when grooming her Cocker Spaniels feet. Your Dog expert Joanne Angus…
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Everything you need to know about your dogs weight and keeping them healthy
Keeping an eye on your dog’s waistline is vital for his health and well-being, as Dr Jacqueline Boyd advises.
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10 things your dog wishes they could tell you
We want to be our dogs’ best friends, but all too often people unintentionally do things that their dogs hate. Trainer…
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