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What should I do if my dog has a loose tooth?
Your Dog expert Vicky Payne advises a reader concerned about her dogs loose tooth.
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How to cope with a new puppy
Puppy Panic! It’s surprisingly common, but it will pass! Trainer and behaviourist Carol Price advises on how to…
Puppy advice
How often should I treat my dog with anti-parasitic products?
Vicky Payne helps a reader on a problem with parasites.
Care for your dog
How your dog's shape and size effects what it can do
Dr Jacqueline Boyd explains why and how your dog’s shape and size can affect what he can do.
Understand your dog
How to make sure your dog is on his best behaviour around food
Food is an important resource to most dogs, and apart from main meals and tasty training treats, there are often many…
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Missed jabs
Vicky Payne advises a reader over his concern regarding missed vaccinations for his dogs.
Your dog's health
No way to say hello!
Tony Cruse advises a reader on ways to deter his dog jumping up to greet people.
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Water, water…
Your Dog expert Vicky Payne helps a worried reader understand the possible reasons for her Golden Retriever drinking…
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Making his mark!
Tamsin Durston helps a reader understand the reason her dog is cocking his leg and sniffing the ground constantly.
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