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Tips on grooming your dogs feet
A reader wonders what type of scissors to use when grooming her Cocker Spaniels feet. Your Dog expert Joanne Angus…
Care for your dog
Everything you need to know about your dogs weight and keeping them healthy
Keeping an eye on your dog’s waistline is vital for his health and well-being, as Dr Jacqueline Boyd advises.
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10 things your dog wishes they could tell you
We want to be our dogs’ best friends, but all too often people unintentionally do things that their dogs hate. Trainer…
Understand your dog
Do you struggle to get your dog to walk nicely on the lead?
Walking to heel or loose lead walking doesn’t come naturally to dogs. Being restrained on a lead, and asked to walk at a…
Walking your dog
Does wormer resistance occur in dogs as well as horses?
Resident YD expert Vicky Payne answers a readers question regarding wormer resistance in dogs and horses.
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Are half-check collars OK for dogs?
How are they fitted and how do they work?
Walking your dog
Which treats are right for your dog?
With so many dog treats on the market, how do you decide which are right for your dog, or if you need them at all?…
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Weight-loss tips
How can I help my dog lose weight?
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How do I stop my dog barking at me for food?
Tony Cruse advises a reader on the best ways to stop his Terrier barking for food.
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