Are half-check collars OK for dogs?


How are they fitted and how do they work?

Tony says:  A  half-check collar looks similar to a standard, flat collar but includes a small chain and link to which the lead connects. When the lead is tight, the collar gets smaller and tightens to a set point. It can prevent some dogs backing out of a collar and escaping when on a walk. 

The half-check collar was originally designed so that it didn’t produce a choking effect when the dog pulled on the lead (the two D-rings met without over-tightening). However, some owners and old-style dog trainers fitted the collars so they had a corrective effect similar to the outdated choke chain. 

We now know that training dogs to walk nicely shouldn’t involve equipment that tightens and is uncomfortable. The dog’s neck is delicate, particularly around the throat area where the thyroid gland is located. There is no substitute for good, positive training. Training and walking the dog should be a pleasant experience for the owner AND the dog. For most pet dogs, I would recommend a quality, flat collar. For a dog who pulls, incorporate a harness with some positive dog training.

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