Understand your dog

Understanding common dog problems and how to solve them.

Why do dogs howl?

Why do dogs howl? Howling is an instinctive behaviour and is a form of communication, thought to call together members of the pack or the familiar people known to the dog.

Why do dogs have whiskers?

Why do dogs have whiskers? Whiskers are not just there to make our dogs look extra cute — whiskers help them to feel their way around the world.

What is canine adolescence?

What is canine adolescence? How does it change dogs and why? Trainer and behaviourist Carol Price explains...

Can I stop my puppy barking at my children?

Canine Behaviour Officer Kate Ellam says: Dogs can bark for a number of reasons. When it occurs in response to children, it can often be because they are worried or overexcited and wanting to play.

Why does my dog eat his own poo?

Eating poo is not uncommon and no one has discovered a fool-proof answer to this problem.

Why does my dog always want to play ball?

Behaviourist Steve Goward offers some training tips to a Your Dog reader, who's dog gets overexcited and begs to play...

Why does my dog bark through the night?

Does your dog bark during the night, even though he's had plenty of exercise during the day? Tony Cruse may be able to help!

Why doesn't my dog like walking at night?

Many sound-sensitive dogs become worried when it gets dark in the evening. They quickly associate this time of day and the darkness with the occurrence of fireworks and so their anxiety starts as the light fades. Many of these dogs refuse to go outside at all after dusk.

How can I stop my dog rolling in poo?

Does your dog tend to roll in poo when you take him out for a walk? Elizabeth Kershaw explains why...