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How to keep your dog safe during firework season
The countdown begins to one of the least popular events in the calendar for many dog owners. Karen Bush advises.
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Can dogs eat chocolate?
Ever wondered if you can give your dog a chocolate treat? Chocolate is extremely dangerous for dogs to consume, as it is…
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How to teach your dog new skills with a target stick
Time on your hands? Then why not teach your dog some new skills with the help of a target stick. Karen Bush explains…
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How can I keep my dog entertained at home?
Are you looking for fun ways to keep you and your dog entertained at home? Here's some creative ideas to keep your dog…
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How do I get my dog in the car?
Do you struggle to get your dog in the car, or does he seem nervous as soon as he’s in the car? Expert Kate Ellam offers…
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Can I get rid of my dog’s bad breath?
Bad breath is a common problem in dogs - here Vet Holly Mash offers some tips on how to get rid of your dog's bad…
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The benefits of trick training your dog
Trick training is becoming more and more popular among dog owners, and understandably so, says Carolyn Menteith...
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What type of bed should I buy for my new puppy?
When you first bring your puppy home, it's important that they have somewhere they can snuggle up that makes them feel…
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How to make your dog walks more rewarding
Walks with your dog should be rewarding. Jackie Drakeford advises on how to make sure they are!
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