Sores between the toes


VIcky Payne answers one readers concern for his Staffordshire Bull Terrier and cysts between the toes.

Q: My Staffordshire Bull Terrier seems to have what look like cysts between her toes, one on each paw.

They have appeared over the last few days, and although they don’t look sore, she has also started to lick them. 

Matthew Parkinson, West Midlands.

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A: Vicky says: Short-coated breeds such as Staffies can be prone to interdigital cysts (also called pododermatitis or interdigital furuncles). They are caused by ruptured hair follicles and may be more common in overweight dogs, dogs with splayed paws from arthritis, allergic skin disease, or those subjected to environmental factors such as rough ground. You should seek advice from your vet who may want to take samples to rule out infections, prescribe anti-allergy medication, or suggest symptomatic treatment, depending on the rest of the examination.