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What to do if your dog is scared of your children
Dogs and children can be best friends, but this isn’t always the case. Behaviourist Toni Shelbourne advises on the…
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Dog flatulence concerns
Farty, parpy, ripper, stinker — your dog regularly delivers a pongy perfume, but what can you do about it? And what is…
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The Truth About Cats and Dogs
It doesn’t have to be a ‘dog eat cat’ world — they can, and often do, live together peacefully, as Sue Corfield…
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Summer tips for looking after your dog
Some helpful tips when getting back out with your dog again this summer.
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My dog won't stop licking!
One reader is concerned about their five year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel nasty habit of licking everything!
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How can I use clicker training to train my dog?
A reader asks for more information on training her dog with a clicker.
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How can I stop my dog barking too much?
A reader worries about her Great Dane barking and upsetting the neighbours, Your Dog expert Tamsin Durston advises.
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Why should you use a crate for your dog
Many dog lovers have discovered the benefits of using crates for their dogs, but a surprising number of owners still…
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How important is exercise to my elderly dog?
Daily exercise is still an important feature of an ageing dogs life.
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