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How should my dog travel in the car?
Tips for travelling with your dog in the car: It's important that you make sure your dog travels safely in the car.
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Walking your dog in the spring
Spring dog walks are a highlight of the year. Jackie Drakeford offers a few tips on walking your dog during the spring…
Walking your dog
Preparing your dog for firework season
Nathalie Ingham offers her advice on how to teach your dog that fireworks are nothing to be worried about...
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Stiffness and lameness in older dogs
Vet Roberta Baxter explains the causes of stiffness and lameness in older dogs...
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Making a dog Easter egg
Don't be tempted to share your Easter eggs with your canine friend as chocolate is toxic to dogs. Follow our step by…
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Inside a puppy training class
Watch how you can teach your puppy to meet new people, loose lead training, and how to get your puppy to stay.
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Coping with the loss of your dog
Psychologist Dr Sue Dawson advises on understanding and coping with the loss of a much-loved pet...
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How to care for a dog with allergies
Vets are seeing more and more dogs with allergies, and managing an allergic dog is both baffling and frustrating for…
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Why do dogs howl?
Why do dogs howl? Howling is an instinctive behaviour and is a form of communication, thought to call together members…
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