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Disc Dog - Frisbee with your dog
Ruby Welsford, founder of the UK Disc Dog Association and trainer at Ruby, Betsy and Milo Too, explains frisbee games…
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Pet trailing - a game of hide and seek with your dog.
Head trainer and owner of Nose to Trail Rachel Rodgers enjoys pet trailing.
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Ring the bell - teaching paw touch.
Fiona Whelan, behaviour specialist at The Company of Animals teaches her dog paw touch.
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Swimming lessons for dogs
John ‘Fitz’ Fitzpatrick, head trainer at Cosford Dog Training incorporates swimming for dogs into a fun exercise.
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Build your bond and reinforce recall while playing with your dog
Behaviourist, and long-standing Puppy School tutor Delia Graham.
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How to incorporate scent work into playtime
Sniff out some impulse control - Your Dog contributor Tony Cruse explains the game of "chuck the cheese"
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The pros and cons of neutering
A reader considers whether or not to have her Lhaso Apso neutered, Vicky Payne advises.
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Sores between the toes
VIcky Payne answers one readers concern for his Staffordshire Bull Terrier and cysts between the toes.
Your dog's health
My dog keeps itching, what can I do about it?
Is your dog scratching and licking himself a lot? Vet Emelie Fogelberg advises on some of the causes of itchy skin and…
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