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Build your bond through play
Toys are valuable learning tools and can help you to forge a trusting relationship with your dog, says Carol Price.
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Why is my dog keeping me awake at night?
As a behaviourist, I often get calls about disturbed sleep. Sleep deprivation is devastating and dangerous for both…
Understand your dog
10 Ways to keep your dog in shape
It’s easy for dogs to put on weight, but you can keep yours looking trim with these top tips from Jackie Drakeford.
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Looking after your dog's skin
Looking after your dog's skin is very important for his overall health. Here we look at what a healthy dog coat and skin…
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The importance of play
For dogs, play is a rehearsal for real life. Trainer Carol Price reveals the invaluable lessons dogs learn from playing…
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Helping your dog overcome fear of noise
The process of overcoming fears and anxieties requires time and patience, but the good thing is that dogs can keep…
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Why is my dog struggling to poo?
A common cause of constipation is mild dehydration, explains vet Vicky...
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Why does my dog always want more food?
Dog expert Tamsin explains why a reader's dog barks and jumps for more food after being fed and during play time...
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After-care options once your dog has passed away.
When a much-loved dog passes away, the practicalities still have to be faced and dealt with. Karen Bush advises.
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