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Summer grooming tips
The warmer weather is on its way and keeping your dog cool, happy, and healthy in the summer can be as tricky as keeping…
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What causes over-arousal in dogs?
You may have heard trainers and behaviourists talk about arousal or over-arousal in dogs. But what is it, and what can…
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10 ways to make training easier
If we want an easy life with our dogs — and to give them a happy life with us — a certain amount of training is vital.…
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High risk of obesity in Pugs
Vets and welfare organisations are urging Pug owners to ensure their pets are well-exercised and aren’t overweight,…
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Dog-friendly pancake recipe
This recipe is really simple and only requires three ingredients.
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How do I lead train my puppy?
A lead is a great management tool we all use for our dogs. It prevents our dog from running into danger and walking a…
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Build your bond through play
Toys are valuable learning tools and can help you to forge a trusting relationship with your dog, says Carol Price.
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Why is my dog keeping me awake at night?
As a behaviourist, I often get calls about disturbed sleep. Sleep deprivation is devastating and dangerous for both…
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10 Ways to keep your dog in shape
It’s easy for dogs to put on weight, but you can keep yours looking trim with these top tips from Jackie Drakeford.
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