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Time to say goodbye
The hardest decision you’ll ever need to make for your dog is to let him go when the time is right, says Karen…
Care for your dog
The forgotten senses
Helping your dog to engage all his senses can boost his confidence and open up his world, says Sarah Fisher.
Care for your dog
Collar or harness? Which do you choose?
Do collars put some dogs at risk of trachea injury? Does a harness encourage a dog to pull? Julie Hill discovers there…
Walking your dog
10 ways to make your dog happy
Put a smile on your dog’s face with tips and advice from trainer and behaviourist Jackie Drakeford.
Care for your dog
Teach your dog to walk backwards from the comfort of your home
Teaching your dog to walk backwards can improve his body awareness and co-ordination, as well as being useful if he gets…
Teach your dog
Is my dog fearful or frustrated.
A reader asks why her dog is aggressive towards other dogs he doesn't know.
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Why is my dog competing for attention?
A reader worries about how her dog reacts to other people's dogs when socialising. Your Dog expert Tony Cruse advises.
Understand your dog
How to settle your rescue dog
The first three days, three weeks, and three months are milestones in the rehoming of a rescue dog. In this new series,…
Your rescue dog
A guide to having guests
A reader asks for advice on how to keep her cross-breed dog calm during a family visit.
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