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How far should I walk my puppy?

When you begin taking your pup out for walks aim to educate rather than strenuously exercise him — getting out will allow you to begin to introduce more new sights and sounds.

How to clean dogs ears

Keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy with our step-by-step guide.

Teach your dog to settle on cue

Having a dog who will settle on cue is a godsend. Carolyn Menteith explains why this is one of the best exercises you will ever teach your pet...

How to throw your dog a birthday party

Dogs are a huge part of the family; there’s no doubt about it! So it’s not surprising that a new study by pet food manufacturer Lily’s Kitchen found that 75 per cent of pet owners celebrate their dogs’ special days.

Teach your dog to leave

Teach your dog to 'leave' following the advice of dog trainer (and Your Dog's training expert) Tony Cruse.

Why dog owners should be aware of MRSA

We’ve all heard of it, but what actually causes MRSA? Roberta Baxter explains…

Caring for a dog with cancer

It’s a word that strikes fear into the heart of everyone, but it doesn’t automatically mean a death sentence.

What is Alabama rot?

Roberta Baxter takes a closer look at Alabama rot, a condition which has gradually spread across the UK.

Why it's important to teach your dog to sit

The sit is one of the useful commands for your dog to learn, as Carolyn Menteith explains…