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How to settle your rescue dog
The first three days, three weeks, and three months are milestones in the rehoming of a rescue dog. In this new series,…
Your rescue dog
A guide to having guests
A reader asks for advice on how to keep her cross-breed dog calm during a family visit.
Understand your dog
Shooting season safety
A readers asks about the legality of walking with his dog close to a country estate where pheasant shoots take place.
Walking your dog
Too much fast paced exercise
Exciting, fast-paced exercise can be addictive, and have a negative impact on your dog’s brain/body balance, as Julie…
Sports with your dog
Dog food nutritional terms
Confused by the terminology when it comes to feeding your dog? Dr Jacqueline Boyd explains all in her glossary of…
Your dog's diet
Healthy glands, healthy body!
Your dog’s endocrine system needs to be functioning well to avoid serious health issues, says Vicky Payne.
Your dog's health
Stay safe when walking your dog
Most of the time, walking your dog is an enjoyable way of spending time together, but there’s also plenty of potential…
Walking your dog
Keep your dog calm and stress-free when meeting other dogs.
Not all dogs feel comfortable meeting other dogs. Trainer and behaviour adviser Sarah Whiffen advises on how to manage…
Walking your dog
Spoilt for choice!
With such a huge range of different diets available for dogs, how do you choose which to feed? Dr Jacqueline Boyd…
Your dog's diet