Camping with your dog


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Camping is an adventure for both you and your dog. While you and the family can relish the great outdoors, your dog will be thrilled at the many new sights and sounds of the campsite and you can all enjoy exploring the countryside.

First you need to decide whether you will be adventurous enough to attempt camping in a tent or opt for a caravan.

While there are no ‘set' rules to camping, basic dog owner responsibility will of course be required. A well-behaved dog may be allowed off the lead, but different sites will have their own policies on this, so when you have chosen your campsite, make sure you familiarise yourself with site rules.

When going camping it is important that you really know your dog; what excites him, or makes him nervous or angry as there will be many sights and situations that he may not have experienced before.

What will I need to camp with my dog?
1. A good quality lead

While your dog may be well behaved off the lead, you don't know how other dogs or people may react to him. When on the campsite it may be useful to have a tether so that your dog can have freedom (almost).

2. Bedding

Make sure you take bedding as this will keep your dog warm and dry. It may be worth bringing a bed from home if appropriate as the familiarity may help him settle at night.

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3. Food and water

While most campsites will have fresh running water it is always a good idea to take a supply and, of course, remember the dog food!

4. Food storage

If you are sleeping outdoors it will be essential to have appropriate food storage containers. 

5. Plenty of towels

Even if you are not planning to go near water it is highly possible that your dog, or the weather, will have other ideas and a smelly, wet dog in the tent or caravan is not pleasant!

It is also important to remember that although you are outdoors a certain amount of respect is still required, so:
  • Always clean up any mess your dog leaves and dispose of it.
  • If your dog is prone to barking, camping may not be a good choice, as other campers on the site will not appreciate being disturbed by a noisy dog.
  • If all the necessary precautions are taken, camping can be a relaxing, stimulating, and fun holiday for the whole family. Your dog will view the experience as one big adventure and it is a great way of bonding with your pet.