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05 March 2024
Giving your dog a treat is quite a different experience to giving them their food. There is usually more emotion attached to it — from the dog and the owner!

Dog treats are about giving our pets a sense of joy, whether that is for doing something right in training or just because we want to show them extra love. As buyers, we also want treats to have some positive benefits to our canine’s health. Better Bones fits that bill!

Soft dog treats

These rawhide-free, soft dog treats are a hit with dogs and owners, and come in four varieties:

  • Small Bones — small, chewy bones
  • Chicken Wrapped Small Bones — these Better Bones have an additional layer of chicken to delight the taste buds.
  • Chicken Wrapped Twists — long, thin twists of scrumptiously chewy Better Bones wrapped in soft chicken breast.
  • Chicken-Wrapped Large Rolls — Large Rolls wrapped in real succulent chicken provide your dog with a satisfyingly chunky, rawhide-free treat to safely chomp down on.

Each variety comes in three different flavours: roast chicken, rosemary and thyme, duck and cranberry, and lamb and mint. The range has some real benefits:

Rawhide-free — being rawhide-free gives owners peace of mind. Some dogs are not able to have traditional treats that contain rawhide as it upsets their stomach. They can’t eat and digest them properly.

Fulfils chewing instinct — the soft, chewy treats satisfy dogs natural urge to chew while posing less risk of damaging their teeth that hard treats.

Promotes dental health — the treats are soft on the gums and chewing promotes dental health as it helps to remove tartar.

Containing no added salt, Better Bones pass the taste test. You want your dog to gain pleasure from their treat, and they surely will with Better Bones, whichever variety you choose.

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The combination of taste and texture makes them a treat your dog will get excited about. The flavours will tickle the taste buds and the chew nature of them means your dog won’t scoff them as quick as normal treats. This can make them ideal for when you want your dog to take their time a little and get joy from the experience of eating the treat, such as if you’re wanting to occupy your dog while the rest of the family are having their own dinner.

Dogs will also see these treats as a high value reward. This is key for training. If you’re asking your dog to carry out a command, the higher the value of the reward, the more likely they are to do what you’ve asked. This can be particularly useful for times when there might be competing temptations, such as when you’re asking for a recall.

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Your Dog pros!

Taste test — a treat is meant to be special and dogs have been shown to love Better Bones. The customer ratings have been high and confirmed their pets love the taste!

Satisfies a natural canine behaviour — these treats won’t be wolfed down. Dogs get a natural high out of chewing things, and what better than a tasty treat? And there is less risk of choking or dental damage because they are rawhide-free and have a soft texture.

Variety — owners will often change their choice of treats more often than they would their choice of dog food. With four varieties and three flavours, you can find which your dog likes the best and change up what you offer from time to time.

Promotes dental health — the chews are soft on gums and chewing can help clean dogs’ teeth.