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05 March 2024
Pioneers of natural dog food for over 50 years, Forthglade is a trusted brand with Your Dog readers.

The brand was voted by readers as the Best Wet Food in the Your Dog 2024 Awards for the fourth consecutive year, along with Highly Commended in the Best Complete Dry Food and Best Treat 2024 categories. The approval for the Devonian dog food makers is reflected on the dog advice site All About Dog Food, with Forthglade scoring above 80% for the complete wet food range.

What is natural dog food?

Nutritious recipes with high quality ingredients are at the heart of Forthglade. But what does natural mean?

Natural is not just a buzzword — it’s a legal definition. It means that the ingredients must be derived from animal, plant, microorganism, or mineral to which nothing can be added. The processing of the ingredients should make them suitable for pet food, while maintaining its natural composition. Natural foods contain no artificial colourings, flavours, and preservatives, and have not undergone chemical processing.

Forthglade uses high quality ingredients and looks to maximise the natural benefits of the ingredients to help the health and well-being of your dog.

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Good quality dog food

Wet food: natural, good quality, hypoallergenic wet dog food is packed full of natural ingredients gently steamed to retain as much natural flavour and goodness as possible. The natural, complete recipes are hypoallergenic and contain up to 75% protein (salmon, lamb, duck, beef or turkey) with added vitamins and minerals to support your dog's health.

Forthglade re-launched its Lifestage range in 2023, providing tailored nutrition to suit the different needs of dogs at different stages of their lives. For example, the senior recipe has lighter protein, at 60% of the recipe and higher levels of chondroitin and glucosamine to help joint health, whilst the puppy recipes contain salmon oil to support brain development. The three life stages are puppy (up to 1 year), adult (1 — 7 years), and senior (7+ years).

For those who prefer to tailor mealtimes, Forthglade offer a range of complementary recipes containing 90% beef, duck or chicken that are the perfect, tasty topper to mix with a high quality dry food.

Dry food: The hypoallergenic, premium, natural dry dog foods are grain-free and made using natural ingredients along with added vitamins, minerals & botanicals.

The innovative cold pressed range for good gut health, has as little done to the food as possible before it’s wolfed down by your canine companion. Each bite-sized piece of grain-free dry dog food retains as much natural flavour and goodness as possible. Suitable for all life stages and with added fruit and salmon oil to ensure your four-legged friend has all the essential nutrients they need. The cold pressed dry food is available in Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Salmon and Small Dog (Turkey) recipes. The new Lightly Baked range includes 50% single-source protein (lamb, chicken, or turkey). Tasty, natural ingredients are lightly baked to seal in the goodness and create a nutritionally balanced natural recipe in bite-sized pellets for adult dogs 1 year+.

The dry food is nutritionally complete — you don't need to mix the dry food with anything else, but if you prefer to mix up mealtimes, it's the perfect companion to their complementary wet food ranges.

Treats: In 2023 Forthglade launched new soft bite treats with a focus on training, health, and wellbeing with two Rewards treats (chicken with liver and honey and banana), Fresh Breath, Joints & Bones, Digestive Health and Calming. New meaty treats were also launched — meaty bites (chicken and apple), fishy bites (salmon and dill) and meaty nibbles (training treats), along with delicious Meaty Sausages, all joining Forthglade’s existing range of natural, hypoallergenic treats.

Dr James Greenwood is a vet who shares his expertise as a TV personality and author — and a brand ambassador for Forthglade. James features many useful top tips and answers to essential questions on their channels. You can check out his content by following Forthglade on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok @forthglade

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Your Dog pros

Value for money — Forthglade provide quality nutrition at a good price point.

Easy to get a hold of — you can get Forthglade delivered to your door through their subscription service (which comes at a discount) or find plenty of local stockists.

Considered nutrition — Forthglade design recipes to benefit your dog, whatever their age. Key to this is using high-quality, natural ingredients mixed with essential vitamins and minerals, and using cooking methods aimed at retaining as much natural goodness as possible.

Suitable for most dogs — there are lifestage recipes and tailored nutrition to dogs of different ages. Forthglade recipes also include grain Free, wholegrain and all are hypoallergenic. There is a great variety across wet, dry and treats to suit almost all dog’s needs.

Eco-credentials — Forthglade are a conscientious brand who care about protecting the environment. Much of their packaging can be recycled, while their factory continues to become more green with using LED lighting, electric forklift trucks, responsibly-sourced electricity, recycling 25 million tonnes of water, and this year Forthglade are installing solar panels that will generate 25% of their electricity needs.