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05 March 2024
Quality nutrition is all about maximising your dog’s health and well-being. And that is something Burns Pet Nutrition lives by.

Founded by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993, the brand’s central belief is that a healthy diet can have a positive impact on dogs — and that ethos is just as strong today. Focusing on simple, wholesome ingredients, Burns offers a range of foods that are each tailored to help dogs with different needs. You only have to visit the Burns Pet website to see a large number of recipes they serve to help dogs, whatever their needs.

One of their canine foods which has recently been lauded by Your Dog readers — Burns Sensitive was voted by Your Dog fans as the Best Specialist Diet in the Your Dog Product Awards 2024.

Burns Pet ranges: Original, Puppy, Toy and Small Breed, Large and Giant Breed, Sensitive, Grain Free, Weight Control, Working Dog, Senior+, Wet food and Treats.

The food your dog’s digestive system has to process has a far-reaching impact on their well-being — just like us humans! Some dogs can develop intolerances to certain foods, and this can irritate the digestive system and drag down your dog’s health. Common signs of intolerances can include itchy skin, tummy troubles, and bad odours.

Sensitive stomach dog food

Burns Sensitive is designed to help dogs who are prone to these types of intolerances. Burns Sensitive dry food was carefully formulated by veterinary surgeon John Burns. While all Burns food is hypoallergenic, the Sensitive range focuses on using a very simple recipe with more unusual or novel ingredients to avoid common food sensitivities such as wheat. Additionally, it is low in fat, making it an ideal choice for dogs that need to maintain a healthy weight.

The Sensitive range is also proof that specialist diets don’t have to be boring for our dogs! The recipes pass the taste test with dogs with the range including Turkey and Potato (grain free), Duck and Brown Rice, Pork and Potato, Chicken and Wholegrain Maize, Fish and Wholegrain Maize, and the Pork Bites treat range. For dogs prone to sensitivities, the range has key benefits:

  • Avoids intolerance reactions of the skin and digestive system
  • Maintains healthy digestion
  • Tail waggingly tasty diet, with a treat range too!

The food’s hypoallergenic nature also makes it highly suited not only for dogs who can’t tolerate heavily processed foods, but also for dogs who don’t have known problems, as a precautionary measure for the future. In fact, as dogs get older, their digestive systems may undergo changes due to a lifetime of exposure to irritating products that they are not able to handle.

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Finding the best dog food

Burns genuinely believe in quality nutrition and want to share understanding and knowledge to help owners. The company offers a free nutrition advice service where their team of experts can answer your questions or guide you through finding nutritional solutions for your dog.

Their recipes are designed to help dogs (and cats!) manage health problems and these can sometimes be tricky to navigate to their experts are on hand to help. The Burns website ( is an excellent resource too. There’s a Veterinary Guide to Natural Healthcare, guides to common health problems and advice on the diets that can help, and common questions answered, all designed to help owners understand dog food and how it can help their canine companion.

Their foods have won a host of awards — often in the Your Dog Product Awards — and have become trusted by pet owners. It’s not a surprise that since 1993 Burns have sold over 3 billion bowls of dog food! As the company says, it’s what’s on the inside that counts — and the brand strives to deliver on a mantra of food for health.

Eco-friendly dog food

As consumers, we’ve developed an awareness beyond just looking at the product plan to purchase. Increasingly, we want to shop with brands that embody our own values and take their social responsibilities seriously. Burns strives to deliver on that too:

Sustainability — Burns uses a carbon-negative supplier based in the UK. Their dry food packaging is 100% recyclable and their wet food packing is 99% recyclable too. The Canolfan John Burns Centre (home of the John Burns Foundation) has solar panels and they have installed a biomass plant for heating and hot water at Burns Parc y Bocs Farm Shop and Burns Foundation HQ, both in Kidwelly. The biomass wood chip comes from their own woodlands which we manage sustainably by replanting.

Community values — Burns supports owners with lots of initiatives to get them out with their canine companions. The brand also supports ethical breeders and supports them with puppy nutrition. They also support local retailers too.

Giving back — the brand runs a Pet Rescue scheme helping people choose a dog from a shelter. While The John Burns Foundation was set-up in 2006 of with the aim of “making a difference to the lives of people and companion animals across the UK.”

To find out more about Burns, visit

Your Dog pros!

Tailored nutrition — Burns formulations are designed to help keep dogs healthy. The range of specialist recipes are based on dogs age, health condition, activity level, weight, and tolerances. Dogs will love the taste, and it will benefit their well-being too! There is great variety in the ranges too, with different forms of protein.

Convenience — their kibble and wet foods are easy to feed. Store appropriately and serve as per the guidelines on the pack. There’s not much cleaning up either.

Nutritional support — Burns offers their nutritional support service so you can easily ask questions and delve deeper into what your dog needs.

Sustainability — the brand has eco credentials, with their investment in cleaner forms of energy and recyclable packaging. There is even a guide on the Burns website on which packaging in their range is recycle so you can even check by product type.