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A dog owner’s guide to autumn
We take a look at what makes the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness so wonderful for our dogs.
Make sure your dog’s microchip details are up to date!
The Kennel Club is calling on all owners to ensure their dog’s microchip details are correct in the run-up to this…
RSPCA removes 82 Chihuahuas from one house
A shocking RSPCA rescue saw 82 Chihuahuas rescued from one house.
Five minutes with Countryfile presenter Adam Henson
The ‘Countryfile’ presenter and farmer tells us about his life in farming, and his love of dogs.
TailTale device is soon to launch on Kickstarter
The device boasts a GPS unit, a multi-axis accelerometer, a laser thermometer and a patent pending proprietary heart…
Hero Paws aims to rehabilitate and rehome former military dogs
When military dogs are no longer needed, they face an uncertain future — now a brave group of women have stepped in to…