Preparing for a Rescue Dog


11 January 2023
Looking to welcome a new dog into your home? Discover why a rescue dog could be your perfect fit.

It is important to find the rescue organisation that is most likely to help you find the dog of your dreams. This may be an adult rescue dog, a puppy, or a specific breed — whichever you know, from your researching and planning, will fit into your life best.

Many people avoid rescuing a dog because they think going to a rescue centre will be depressing and upsetting, or because they don’t understand what the procedure will be when they get there. Rather than face that, people often turn to more anonymous internet adverts instead — and so fuel the puppy farm trade or unwittingly support the illegal importation of puppies from abroad.

Carolyn Menteith, discovers why a rescue dog could be your perfect fit, advises on the practicalities on getting a rescue dog and gives out top tips on rescuing in the UK and abroad. Carolyn Menteith DipCABT, KCAI, is a dog trainer, writer, and broadcaster. She is a member of INTO Dogs, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and an accredited animal behaviourist (ICAN).

What's inside?

Why a rescue dog could be the perfect fit   Pros and cons of rescuing a dog from abroad

Is a rescue dog for you?   Choosing a rescue centre

Finding your perfect partner   Heart warming rescue stories

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