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Your Dog Magazine January 2020

The new year lies ahead with lots of exciting possibilities and things to look forward to. While many of us will not aspire to the kind of adventure our vet Vicky Payne has recently enjoyed (read…

On Sale: 10 December 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine December 2019

Another festive season approaches and as we rush around thinking presents, turkeys, and Christmas trees, it’s also a time when a lot of us take stock of what’s happened over the past year, and how we…

On Sale: 07 November 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine November 2019

What makes your dog happy? For my dog, nothing beats a bit of fuss and attention or, failing that, food in any shape or form. Bertie is one of the few dogs I know who will go through his entire…

On Sale: 08 October 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine October 2019

Now that autumn is officially here, it’s time to turn your attention to all those seasonal tasks — like checking through your dog’s reflective gear, and examining your wellies for any splits and leaks…

On Sale: 10 September 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Print Edition: £4.25 (plus postage)

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Your Dog Magazine September 2019

Awareness of the mental health of our dogs; the health and advice offered by Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) to dog owners whose pets are affected by this debilitating condition; and how Karen Pryor…

On Sale: 07 August 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine August 2019

Some dog owners can be a bit dismissive of trick training, because to their way of thinking, it isn’t quite the ‘real thing’. But, in truth, it can be a lot of fun, helps develop the bond between you…

On Sale: 09 July 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine July 2019

From coping in an emergency, to exploring the delights of dog-friendly Norfolk, and celebrating some real canine heroes, Your Dog offers a range of content to ensure you get your monthly dog fix. Our…

On Sale: 06 June 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine June 2019

Inside the June issue you will find top tips on how to get your dog to listen to you, a dog lover's guide to Cumbria and the Lake District, how to stop your puppy from play-biting, how to make your…

On Sale: 07 May 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine May 2019

Inside the May issue you will find advice on how to make the most of walking your dog in spring, a dog lover's guide to the New Forest, and how to travel safely with your pet. Plus, find out how dogs…

On Sale: 09 April 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Dog Magazine April 2019

Inside the April issue you will find the first part of our new series all about breeds from around the world, get out and enjoy the great outdoors with your dog, as we look at more holiday options for…

On Sale: 08 March 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

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