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Your Dog October 2021

There’s lots of good reading this month as we head into autumn, so while the days get shorter and outdoor activities start to wind down, take the opportunity to put your feet up and enjoy some…

On Sale: 07 September 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog September 2021

If you fancy trying something a little different with your dog, turn to page 44 this issue.Andrea McHugh and her Border Collie, Sango, recently had a go at mantrailing, a relatively new activity for…

On Sale: 06 August 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog August 2021

In our lead feature this month, Alison Gallagher-Hughes has been talking to experts and taking a closer look at what challenges our return to ‘normal’ (whatever that means) will present for our dogs.…

On Sale: 07 July 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine July 2021

Confident owners make confident dogs, but at a time when we’re all still feeling a little uncertain about the new, post-lockdown world, that’s easier said than done.

On Sale: 08 June 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine June 2021

At the time of writing, we are all looking forward to our lives (and those of our dogs) opening up a little as pandemic restrictions are relaxed and we get the chance to get out and about…

On Sale: 07 May 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine May 2021

I’m constantly amazed by dogs’ many talents. In this issue, we’re featuring  some dog detectives, incredible  canines who can find lost pets using  their tracking and scenting skills (‘The super…

On Sale: 07 April 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine April 2021

Welcome to the April issue of Your Dog, we have lots of amazing content, competitions and pictures to keep you reading for hours. I’ve never been a great fan of dogs in or on the bed — too many…

On Sale: 09 March 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine March 2021

As I write this, we’re still stuck in the depths of winter — gloomy days, widespread flooding, freezing conditions… and lockdown — but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the time this issue…

On Sale: 09 February 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine February 2021

While February can be a gloomy, bitter month, there are still things to look forward to. For starters, it marks the beginning of the end of winter, and this month you’ll start to notice the difference…

On Sale: 05 January 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine January 2021

A very happy new year to all our readers and their dogs. Let’s hope 2021 sees you all safe and well, and able to enjoy a return to some sort of normality. The challenge of taking on a dog during…

On Sale: 07 December 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

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