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Your Dog Magazine December 2020

As the festive season approaches, I’m sure I’m not the only person wondering what Christmas will be like this year. But for those of us lucky enough to have dogs, there has been one constant…

On Sale: 06 November 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine November 2020

As the weather turns, and we face the prospect of walking in the dark, juggling torch, lead, and poo bags, those beautiful, bright summer mornings we enjoyed back in June may seem like a lifetime…

On Sale: 07 October 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine October 2020

Beautiful, historic Stamford in Lincolnshire – the backdrop to numerous classic films and a town that boasts one of the highest densities of listed buildings in the UK – was home to the Your Dog team…

On Sale: 07 September 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine September 2020

As dog owners, we all want to do the best for our pets, providing top-quality products to help keep them healthier, happier, and able to enjoy life to the full. The Your Dog Product Awards is your…

On Sale: 07 August 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine August 2020

This month sees the return of a familiar face. Steve Mann, the founder of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, whose ‘My problem puppy’ series went down a storm with readers last year, has returned…

On Sale: 07 July 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine July 2020

I know I’m not the only dog owner who feels I’ve come to understand and appreciate my dog that much more during the coronavirus restrictions. Not that I haven’t always been appreciative of Bertie’s…

On Sale: 08 June 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine June 2020

At the time of writing, we are still doing our best to cope with the restrictions and challenges that the coronavirus lockdown brings. While walking our dogs has become the highlight of the day for…

On Sale: 07 May 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine May 2020

As Your Dog goes to press this month, Britain remains in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. In such unprecedented times, we are all facing months of isolation and restriction, but for those of us…

On Sale: 07 April 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine April 2020

If you’re a subscriber to Your Dog, you’ll have already received your shiny new Your Dog Membership card with this issue of the magazine — the key to hundreds of discounts on dog-friendly attractions,…

On Sale: 06 March 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Dog Magazine March 2020

These days, more than ever, our dogs are an integral part of our lives. They are family, and where we go, they go. That’s why, at Your Dog, we’re announcing the launch of the new Your Dog Membership,…

On Sale: 06 February 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

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