Best dog beds


Depending on your dog’s needs, these dog beds are some of the best choices available…

Every dog deserves a haven of comfort, and the key lies in finding the perfect dog bed tailored to their needs. From orthopaedic dog beds, to plush, luxurious dog beds, the market is brimming with options.


Coolaroo raised bed

The Coolaroo raised dog bed is designed to lift your pet off the cold ground, providing a comfortable and warm sleeping surface. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by floor drafts and chilly surfaces.

Retailer: Doggy Solutions

Price: From £14.99

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Trixie Be Eco Danilo

This dog bed features a sturdy cotton cover, polyester fleece filling with reversible cushion, removable covers, and a non-slip bottom.

Retailer: Vio Vet

Price: From £54.98


Bunty water resistant bed

This is a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean water resistant dog bed for even the most enthusiastic pets. Fully washable, perfect if your dog is a big fan of water-play! Easily wipeable with a cloth for easy maintenance. 

Retailer: Bunty

Price: From £24.99

Bunty Regal oval deep sided bed

An incredibly warm and cosy dog bed, the Regal is a generously stuffed polyester fibre dog bed with high sides. The deep cushioning is replete with stuffing, offering your dog thick insulation against cold floors and chilly nights.

Retailer: Bunty

Price: From £79.99

Large thick scratch-resistant spine protection dog cushion bed

Designed with your dog's comfort in mind, this dog bed includes a substantially thickened headrest area, offering exceptional support for your dog's neck and head, ensuring they rest comfortably and with proper alignment.

Retailer: Funny Fuzzy

Price: From £44.99

Ultra Cosy Handmade Woollen Tufting Dog & Cat Bed

Perfect for snuggling, the design of the Ultra Cosy Handmade Woollen Tufting Dog & Cat Bed is a plush, cosy retreat that surrounds your dog, inviting blissful sleep and a feeling of security. 

Retailer: Funny Fuzzy

Price: From £79.99

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