Teach your dog

Dog training tips for dogs and puppies.

Teach your dog to toilet

One of the first procedures that you're going to want your dog to understand is where and when to go to the toilet.

Improving my training sessions

There are going to be a fair few commands that you'll want him your dog to understand, so it is best that you are consistent, using simple and precise language.

Cure for a fear of children

Many dogs develop a fear of children, especially if they have experienced a loud or excited child, who has played rough with the dog, or scared them by loud screams.

How do I stop my dog stealing?

Does your dog steal food from the worktops? Behavourist Claire Arrowsmith tells us how to stop your dog doing this...

My dog chews the post

Joe Inglis offers her advice to a reader who's dog reacts aggressively and chews the post when it comes through the letter box.

Coping with fireworks top tips

Fireworks can cause our pets a lot of stress and anxiety. Here we share some useful tips to help them cope...

Help, he pulls on the lead!

If you own a dog who constantly pulls, you're not alone. Pulling on the lead is one of the most common problems people have with their dogs.