Teach your dog

Dog training tips for dogs and puppies.

Make sure your children and dogs have a great relationship

Children and dogs can have a great relationship — as long as they understand each other and attention is paid to what dogs are trying to tell us, explains Carolyn Menteith...

How do I stop my dog barking at other dogs?

If your dog tends to bark when he sees other dogs, then Trainer Tony Cruse may be able to help!

How do I teach my dog to be calm around visitors?

If your dog becomes overexcited as soon as you have visitors in your home, then Steve Goward has a few tips to teach your dog what is and isn't acceptable...

How to stop your dog running off

Does your dog go AWOL the instant you unclip his lead? This can cause you a lot of stress and put both your dog and passers-by in danger. Chasing your dog across the park is not only embarrassing but can actually make things worse.

How do I introduce my dog to a new baby?

If you or someone close to you is expecting a baby it's important to get your dog used to as many babies as possible before the new arrival, particularly if he's unfamiliar with youngsters.

Can I stop my dog barking when he's home alone?

There are many reasons why a dog can fail to cope when left alone. It is important that this is looked into in detail so the right diagnosis and advice can be given.

Teach your dog to share with other dogs

Trainer Tony Cruse offers some quick tips on how to teach your dog to share with other dogs...

Teach your dog to release a fetched ball

Steve Goward offers a few tips on how to encourage your dog to release a ball when playing fetch...

Help! My dog doesn't want to be put back on his lead!

If you find it a struggle to get your dog back on his lead when out on a walk, you may need to revisit recall training, as Elizabeth Kershaw explains...