Teach your dog

Dog training tips for dogs and puppies.

Can I retrain my dog's recall?

Recall training can be a challenge as you are often working against many exciting distractions...

Tips for walking a reactive dog

Is your dog reactive when you go for a walk? Take a look at our tips for walking a reactive dog, and how to solve the problem...

How can I help my dog behave in the car?

Car journeys are a fact of life for most dogs - and being able to travel happily is a really important life skill.

Dog tricks - 10 easy dog tricks

Dog tricks - teaching your dog a few tricks can be fun for you both, and gives you another way of interacting with him.

Teaching your dog to sit

Trainer Carolyn Menteith explains that training your dog isn't the same as doing quadratic equations at school - one of those things you never use after you leave - it's about teaching him useful skills that can keep him safe and make your life easier.

Ashleigh & Pudsey share HTM tips!

They're the most talked-about dancing duo in Britain, and their dazzling routines have inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Teenager Ashleigh Butler and her cross-breed dog Pudsey catapulted to fame after being the first canine act to win ‘Britain's Got Talent'.

How to stop your dog barking

How to stop your dog from barking. Actively encouraging or allowing your puppy to bark will increase the likelihood of him becoming a noisy adult, so it's best to deal with it before it becomes an unwanted and established habit.

How to stop my dog play biting?

Teaching your dog not to bite is very important. This behaviour is normally learnt through play fighting with the rest of the litter when they are puppies, but in the absence of canine companionship you as the owner will have to take up this duty.

Making my dog come when called

Training your dog to come when called is important to keep you both safe, especially while out and about in public places.