Teach your dog to share with other dogs


Trainer Tony Cruse offers some quick tips on how to teach your dog to share with other dogs...

How can I teach my dog that it's OK to share her treats with other dogs?

Trainer Tony Cruse says: This method can take time and needs careful management but it's successful in helping dogs learn to share. When another dog approaches you and your dog, have two treats in your hand. Ask the other dog to sit and immediately treat that dog. Within five seconds, show your dog the other treat, request a sit and pop it into her mouth. Your dog must always get a treat directly after the other dog has received theirs.

Ensure your dog is not too close to the other dog and keep her on lead to prevent her snapping. The principle is that your dog sees another dog getting a treat, as the predictor of her getting a treat, and so learns to wait her turn. Perform many repetitions. You can set up the situations with friends and their dogs.

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Your dog's response to other dogs should also improve because other dogs soon become a tip-off that snacks arrive.