What is a puppy pen and how should I use it?


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A puppy pen is very similar to a toddler’s playpen. A pen is a must-have because it gives the puppy some space where he can safely play and generally be in the same environment as you — no need to constantly watch him in case he is causing mischief.

The pen usually consists of five or so barriers which fit together and make a hexagonal shape. It can be made bigger or smaller and easily moved. The pen can also be used as a barrier (in an open-planned front room, for example, or across a door).

You can connect a puppy crate (sleeping den) to the sides of the pen, so it becomes the puppy’s play zone and sleeping area. You can do this with cable ties. The crate should be a snug sleeping area and you can place toys and puppy pads in the playpen. 

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It’s a great way of allowing the puppy to be with you rather than being locked away in another room, and a place for him should the doorbell sound. A puppy pen provides rest for the owner and a safe space for the puppy!