What are puppy training pads and are they any good?


These absorbent square mats, known as puppy pads, stop urine or faeces from coming into contact with your floor or carpet. The idea is that the puppy wees or poos on the pad instead of directly on the floor. You can then dispose of it once wet or soiled.

Some people place these pads around the house and hope for the best. This can be a hit-and-miss approach! There is no substitute for toilet training and rewarding your puppy for weeing and pooing in the garden.

However, when you are not around to open the back door and reward your puppy for getting it right, you can place these pads near the door or in the playpen. You can gently praise your puppy for weeing on the pad. If he wees or poos in the garden, give him a big fuss and a treat!

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The issue with only using puppy pads and not introducing toilet training is that the puppy can get confused and believe it is acceptable to urinate or defecate in the home only.

You should never scold your puppy. Getting out into the garden with him every hour is the best practice. You can then reward him directly after he has weed or pooed. This reinforces the behaviour most of us want. Use pads only at night or when you can’t allow your dog out.