Quiz: Do you know your dog?


Check out our fun personality quiz to find out more about your dog’s character! You could be surprised at what you discover…

Q1. How would you describe your dog’s reaction when you come home from a shopping trip?

A. He goes crazy, spinning in circles, screeching at the top of his voice to tell everyone that he’s not seen you for hours — even though it’s only been 20 minutes. 

B. He’s still snoozing where you left him. He might open one eye to check it’s really you, but other than that he goes straight back to sleep. 

C. He always makes you feel welcome by offering you a precious gift. This could be one of his toys, but equally it could be one of your shoes that ‘accidentally’ fell into his mouth. 

D. He’s actually been too busy to notice you’ve been gone. In doing so, he’s blazed a trail of destruction from the living room to the kitchen, scattering everything in his wake. 

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Q2. It’s a sunny bank holiday morning, and you fancy a lie-in. What does your dog do?

A. His energy levels are fizzing by 5am. There’s no way you can get away with a lie-in! 

B. He’s perfectly happy to curl up next to you and dream away the morning.

C. He waits until you are nodding back to sleep and then leaps onto the bed, pulling off the duvet and covering you in kisses. 

D. He’ll let you have a lie-in, but he’ll ‘entertain’ himself while you are snoozing. This could involve chewing the skirting boards or giving the sofa a new look with some well-placed decorative scratches. 

Q3. If your dog was asked to take part in a family Zoom call, what would he do?

A. He would insist on being off-mute and would be barking. He has the authority! 

B. He would prefer to be muted and snooze throughout. He’s not bothered who has the authority. 

C. He would be a big fan of funny filters and wacky backgrounds. He might even suddenly appear as a cat. 

D. He’s way too busy exploring in the garden or playing with his toys. He’s not got the time for boring online antics! 

Q4. It’s dinner time, but you’ve run out of your dog’s favourite food. You offer him a plate of cooked rice and scrambled eggs. How does he react?

A. He’s so happy that you’ve fed him, he really doesn’t notice! 

B. He looks at you with huge disappointment, picking out tiny pieces to check that nothing is poisoned.

C. He tips the bowl over and hides all of the strange contents in his bed.

D. He inhales everything in five seconds and does an Oliver Twist, begging for more. 

Q5. What is your dog’s favourite pastime?

A. As long as he’s with you, he really doesn’t care! Even a trip to the vet is exciting! 

B. Curling up on the sofa and having long cuddles with his favourite person. 

C. Finding new toys and activities to make you laugh. The more you laugh, the happier he is.

D. He has a low boredom threshold and likes to be entertained. You find yourself constantly shopping for new toys.

Q6. If your dog could have a starring role in a TV show or film, which one do you think he would like best?

A. Carry on canines. 

B. Home alone. 

C. Britain’s got talent.

D. I’m a dog, get me out of here!

Q7. What is your dog most likely to do when the postman or a delivery driver visits?

A. Rushes to the door in eager anticipation of offering the lavish licks and kisses he knows this new person will love. 

B. Hides behind you until you’ve convinced him that nobody is going to steal him away. If you pick him up and cuddle him, he might just say hello. 

C. Grabs the post from the letter box the second it appears and runs manically around the entire house. He likes ‘helping’ with your exercise regime. 

D. Given the chance he’ll run down the path and disappear after them, seeking new, exciting adventures without so much as a backward glance. 

Q8. You want to plan a special holiday with your dog. Where do you think he would like to go?

A. A holiday camp with lots of other waggy-tailed dogs on the site. He would love to win the happiest dog competition and proudly parade his people on walks. 

B. Definitely a staycation. Home comforts are the best, and who needs new walks when your favourite ones are so lovely? Going somewhere different and meeting strange dogs is just… strange. 

C. A canine comedy boot camp weekend with lots of time to chomp on funny bones and make everyone laugh. He loves learning new tricks and is always hopeful that he’ll get talent-spotted. 

D. As far as your dog is concerned a world tour would be nice — maybe exploring the Inca trail, a trip up Snowdon, and an afternoon sniffing out polar bears in the Arctic circle. Then home in time for tea. 

Q9. It’s bedtime, and you need to take your dog out for his late-night walk. You open the door and it’s cold and raining. How does your dog react?

A. He’s already sitting by the door, holding his lead in his mouth. 

B. You turn around and he’s disappeared back to bed. He looks at you as if you are mad — do you seriously not know that dogs can melt in the rain? 

C. He’s sitting by the door, holding one of your wellies in his mouth. That will be the wellie that mysteriously went missing a few days ago. 

D. He’s already out in the garden, barking at you to HURRY UP! Splashing in puddles is a favourite occupation. 

Your dog’s personality revealed…

Simply add up how many as, bs, cs, and ds you have, then check out our fun personality chart to discover more about what makes your dog tick.

Mostly As: Happy extrovert
Your dog is high on life at all times! He’s permanently happy, and great company to be around — provided you can keep up with his antics. He doesn’t believe in a lot of down time, and thinks every minute is there to be enjoyed. He adores his people, and always wants to please them, and might make a top agility dog. He really is a joy to live with, except when you desperately want a little snooze on a Sunday morning! He finds the simplest of activities a source of absolute wonder, and in doing so constantly lifts your spirits and encourages you to see life through his eyes.

Mostly Bs: Home-lover
Lockdown was probably your dog’s idea of heaven! This type of dog is never happier than when he is with his people and is most content when everyone is home and he is able to curl up for hours next to the nearest person, safe in the knowledge that all is well in his little world. He brings a great deal of love and loyalty into your life and is a trusted and constant companion. On the downside, he’s not keen on change, likes routine, and can be a little nervous of strangers, so he will need extra help in building his confidence. If yours is a home-loving type of dog, you will always have a friend by your side.

Mostly Cs: Natural born comedian
What can we say, apart from this type of dog is guaranteed to make you laugh every day! He’s a comedy hero who thrives on attention and could be very good at heelwork to music. The more people react to his antics, the happier he is, and the more fun things he will think of to do. Laughter really is music to his ears, and it’s hard to resist his magical charms, even when he has run off with your shoe and buried it in the garden. A dog like this is comedy gold, and won’t change much over the years, so don’t think he’ll grow out of it! Enjoy the pleasure of being constantly entertained and loved.

Mostly Ds: Adventurous explorer
If you have an explorer type dog, you will find that he’s pretty fearless and always up for some mad adventures. The great outdoors offers massive temptations to this type of dog, who will be convinced that all the smells, sights, and sounds have been put there especially for him to enjoy. Sometimes he can get into difficulties if he forgets where he’s left his owner after running off in the direction of a squirrel or chasing a blackbird in the park who was clearly asking him to play. Luckily, you can often channel these energies with a fun dog sport such as scent work or cani-cross, and one thing’s for sure — you will never, ever be bored with an adventurous explorer in your life!