Why is my dog struggling to poo?


A common cause of constipation is mild dehydration, explains vet Vicky...

Q) I think my dog is constipated. Lately, he has been struggling to poo and when he does succeed he only produces a very small, dry, fi  rm stool, or sometimes nothing at all. What could be causing this? His diet hasn’t changed and he’s eating as normal. What can I do about it?

Lydia Fowler, Hampshire.

Vicky says: A common cause of constipation is mild dehydration. Ensure your dog gets sufficient water by adding some to his food or trying filtered tap water. You don’t say how old your dog is, or if he is neutered. Middle-aged entire males can suff er from an enlarged prostate, which can make passing faeces difficult. Back and hip pain can also discourage a dog from toileting frequently, which can lead to constipation. If increasing his water intake doesn’t help, I recommend visiting your vet for a thorough health check.

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