10 experiences all dog owners need to have


08 February 2017

1. Go on a dog friendly holiday – There are so many dog-friendly hotels across the UK, so you and your dog can holiday in style! Read our guide to dog friendly holidays in our Your Dog Holidays section of the website.

2. Take your dog to the beach – who doesn't love a trip to the beach, feeling the sand between our toes and watching the waves crashing on the shore? Your dog will love it too! Have a look for dog friendly beaches near you.

3. Learn a new trick – dogs are never too old to learn a new trick. If he already knows 'sit' and 'stay', why not teach him something a bit different?

4. Have his own Facebook page or Twitter page – if your dog enjoys the limelight and loves posing for photos, why not set up his very own social media account so his fans can enjoy reading about his latest antics?

5. Throw him a birthday party – If you know your dog's birthday, why not throw him a birthday party? Make him a dog safe cake, get plenty of yummy food (for humans and canines!), buy him a nice present and invite all the family around to celebrate his special day – he's worth it!

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6. Star in his own photo shoot – having photos of your dog in your home is lovely, but why not go one further and have some professional photos taken of him to display at home? He'll love being the star of the show!

7. Try doggy yoga (or doga) – Intrigued by the idea of trying a new activity with your dog? Why not give yoga a try? Have a look at our experiences of doga and see if it's for you.

8. Go on a hike – hopefully your dog enjoys long walks, but why not go a bit further afield and try a long walk in the countryside? Your dog will love exploring new territory and plenty or fresh air is good for both of you. Have a look for nearby hiking spots.

9. Go geocaching – A brilliant game of search and find that all dogs will enjoy. 

10. Spend the day in a dog spa – And finally, why not treat him to a bit of pampering? There are many doggy spas in the UK offering treatments including manicures and a good shampoo.