UK National Parks

Embark on extraordinary dog-friendly escapades within the stunning expanse of the UK's national parks. Our in-depth articles serve as your ultimate guide to discovering the most enchanting and pet-welcoming natural havens across the country. Whether you're seeking scenic hikes in the Cairngorms, coastal explorations in Pembrokeshire, or tranquil strolls in the New Forest, our curated insights unveil the best trails, dog-friendly facilities, and breathtaking viewpoints to enjoy with your furry companion. Unite your love for adventure and your canine friend's boundless energy as you navigate the splendor of the UK's dog-friendly national parks, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Northumberland National Park
Northumberland National Park contains parts of the magnificent Hadrian’s Wall as well as huge skies and breathtaking…
The Peak District
Home to breathtaking landscapes, the Peak District is an idyllic escape in the heart of the UK.
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
With its clear blue waters, golden beaches, and stunning cliff tops, Pembrokeshire is world famous for its breathtaking…
The South Downs
Whether you want to visit cosmopolitan towns, rolling countryside, or beaches, the South Downs has it all.
Snowdonia National Park
A diversity of landscapes, cultures, and history cover every part of the 823 square miles of Snowdonia. Visit the…
The Yorkshire Dales National Park
With outstanding scenery; a mass of different wildlife habitats and a rich cultural heritage; The Yorkshire Dales…