Quarter of pet owners are taking a summer staycation, so their pet can come too!

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<p><img src="https://azure.wgp-cdn.co.uk/app-yourdog/posts/dogsonholiday_blog.jpg" alt="Quarter of pet owners are taking a summer staycation" /></p><p>A quarter of pet owners (26%) will be spending their summer holiday in the UK, so they can take their furry companion along with them. Overall, a third (33%) of Brits have taken, or are planning to take their pet on holiday with them, either abroad or in the UK, in 2017.</p>

New research by Pets at Home and Petplan® insurance* reveals pet owners are factoring in their pets in their holiday plans, with 17% saying they never leave their pet behind when they go on holiday.

British holidaymakers also reportedly spend £387** million extra on their holidays each year in order to take their pet dog away with them. Almost a fifth (19%) spend at least £75 extra [per trip] on top of the usual accommodation and entertaining costs for their pets. A quarter (24%) spend up to £250 to ensure that their furry friend enjoys the perfect break by their side.

Only 12% plan to put their pet in a boarding establishment whilst they are away. The most trusted options for those who are leaving their pet at home are leaving them with a family member (42%) or a friend (18%).

The research also found that nearly a third (30%) of pet owners even had to cancel a holiday or weekend away at one point, because their pet unexpectedly got ill or injured.

Pets at Home and Petplan® insurance is reminding pet owners the importance of pet insurance and remember that pets can become ill or injured unexpectedly, so whether leaving them with a trusted friend or taking them on a UK staycation, pet owners should ensure they have adequate pet insurance in place to help cover any unexpected veterinary treatment that arises.

Pets at Home is working in partnership with Petplan®, the UK’s No.1 pet insurance provider, to help ensure pets get the treatment they deserve.

Jonny Armstrong, Head of Insurance for Pets at Home, said: “Our pets are an important consideration in the family holiday plans; whether that’s taking a holiday in the UK so a pet can come along to join in the fun, or ensuring they are safe and well whilst you are away.

Petplan® insurance gives pet owners peace of mind for those unfortunate and unexpected incidents where your pet might injure themselves or fall ill whilst you are on holiday.”

To find out more about Petplan® insurance through Pets at Home, please visit Petsathome.com/petplan.

*Based on a Censuswide survey of 2,000 pet owners.

**Figure created based on RSPCA research that there are nine million dogs in the UK.