Settling your dog on holiday


settlingdogonholiday.jpg settlingdogonholiday.jpg
Having just booked a dog-friendly holiday, if your pet has never stayed overnight anywhere else, how can you help him settle during the break?
  1. A confident dog should adjust to this new situation without feeling much stress. However, anxious dogs can take longer to adjust. Make your holiday property as familiar as possible by bringing your dog's bed and any blankets he uses so that he has his own scent there.
  2. Ensure that you take some pet calming products with you, such as Pet Remedy - which starts to help within minutes and is ideal for travel and unfamiliar surroundings! Stress can upset sensitive digestions too, so stick to his regular diet and try to keep to his normal routine if possible.
  3. On arriving at the property, show him where he is expected to toilet so you avoid accidents and initially take him out often so he doesn't toilet in the wrong place before he learns the layout.
  4. Bring his toys so he has outlets for play rather than having to find inappropriate items around the property.
  5. Ensure the garden is secure - check it so you can be confident of your dog's safety.
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