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04 March 2024
When it comes to making dog food, Laughing Dog Food is not just another brand, it is part of a rich, family heritage. The Grant family are farmers who began producing dog food and that has passed down through three generations.

All of their dry completes, mixer meals, wet food, and treats are made on the family farm — that’s important to them as it means they can use their own grown ingredients, create the recipes and watch its production every step of the way. As a farm-to-bowl manufacturer, the Laughing Dog Food brand is driven by a passion for the countryside and a love of pets. 

As Laughing Dog Food have developed their range, they have created a quality range of dry foods to help dogs who suffer from intolerances.  

Wheat-free dog food  

In recent years, we’ve become more aware of how some people can be intolerant to wheat and wheat gluten — and it is the same for our dogs. That’s why Laughing Dog Food created their Naturally 5 range. 

  • Limited to just 5 ingredients 
  • Single species of meat in each recipe 
  • No wheat gluten, wheat, soya, dairy, egg or potato. 
  • Balanced recipe for healthy digestion, immunity, joints, teeth and bones 
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Grain-free dog food  

Dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin can find any grains difficult to digest and Laughing Dog Food caters for those sensitive pets with their Naturally Complete Range. 

  • Free from all grains, soya, dairy, egg and sugar 
  • Added vitamins, minerals, and essential prebiotics 
  • A complete and balanced meal for healthy digestion, immunity, joints, teeth and bones 

If your dog prefers wet food, Laughing Dog’s wet food range is also grain-free. The recipes follow the ethos of the brand — single species of protein (chicken, lamb and duck) and good quality ingredients to boost canine health. It comes in 100% recyclable packaging too. 

Difference between grain free and wheat free dog food?  

A grain free dog food is considered to be any dog food manufactured to contain no added carbohydrate ingredients from the grain family such as rice, oats, wheat, barley, sorghum and maize. It is therefore grain-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and wheat gluten-free. However, a wheat free dog food is not necessarily grain free. Wheat is a type of grain, but excluding just this grain from the ingredients does not mean other grains are not in there. Wheat free dog foods can therefore contain grains such as barley which is wheat and wheat gluten free, but still a grain. 

Benefits of grain-free and wheat-free dog food  

Some owners will not even be aware that their dog suffers from an intolerance to wheat or grains. A diet that avoids these common allergens can make a huge  difference to their life and wellbeing. Better digestion, less inflammation, less  itching and better poos. 

The Laughing Dog Food recipes will use other forms of carbohydrates that can be really beneficial too. They use ingredients such as sweet potato which is rich in antioxidants and a good source of fibre. So, while your dog is avoiding ingredients that their body rejects, they are feasting on lots of other beneficial ingredients. So, you’re not just avoiding damaging their health, you’re boosting it too! 

Grain and wheat-free dog treats  

Every dog deserves a treat and avoiding wheat or grains shouldn’t stop that! Laughing Dog Food make a whole host of delicious treats that are wheat and grain free. Made on the farm, each recipe is irresistibly tasty and they are designed to benefit dogs too. 

The ingredients are carefully chosen so that your four-legged friends will enjoy every bite, but they also have benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, boosting energy, keeping cholesterol levels down, support for the metabolism, giving a glossy coat, dental benefits, helping to keep dogs calm! Check out the recipes to see how each formulation can boost your dog’s wellbeing. 

Subscription service 

Laughing Dog Food offer a convenient and easy to use subscription service. You can get your dog’s food and treats sent directly to your door (with no delivery charge!)* and manage your orders easily on your account on their website. Best of all, you receive a fantastic discount for being a subscriber. It is currently a 15% discount on every order, making it superb value for money. 

Unlike other subscription services, if you have any queries or issues, you can still call the team, quoting your account number, and they will help you over the phone.  

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Your Dog pros!  

A clear philosophy — Laughing Dog Food don’t just tell buyers their recipes are wheat or grain-free. They have built ranges that embody an ethos of helping dogs avoid common allergens. The Naturally 5 and Naturally Complete ranges are designed to be easy for owners to understand and clearly show what the food contains. The ingredients across their foods are selected to benefit dogs and the website is excellent at explaining why each ingredient has been selected. 

Variety — the brand offers excellent variety, with owners able to choose dry foods, wet foods, mixers, adult and puppy formulations, and an exciting range of treats. Even if you’re feeding a raw diet, Laughing Dog Food’s mixer meals offer a crunchy texture, the benefits of some superfoods, and there are grain free varieties too. 

Customer service — a family run business, Laughing Dog Food is committed to good customer service. There is a freephone telephone number, an easy to use website for their subscription service, and their products have been created with transparency in mind. Their customer rating on Feefo reflects their owner-first ethos. 

Good price point — Laughing Dog Food is well-priced compared to similar products on the market. The subscription service offering a 15% can make a big difference too if you choose Laughing Dog Food for your canine companion.