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12 September 2023
There is no denying the power that food has on health. We are constantly being encouraged to modify our diets, and to steer clear of all those things that wiser people than ourselves consider to be bad for us.

Monty’s Larder provides freshly cooked, grain free meals using grass fed, ethically reared meat from sustainable farms. Cooked like you would at home. Find out more by visiting: https://montyslarder.co.uk/products/


The old maxim must therefore be true: we are what we eat. The very same applies to our dogs. Whilst all of the noise imploring us to recognise the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet grows ever louder, our dogs have been eating the same, poor quality food for years.

As a general rule, mass produced, commercial pet food brands are all highly processed, meaning that the nutritional value they deliver is severely depleted by the time you feed it to your dog. Poor, low-grade ingredients require heavy processing to kill bacteria. Rather, food that has been freshly cooked and that contains only high quality, grass fed, ethically raised meat, locally sourced vegetables and superfoods will deliver real health benefits for your dog.

A proper process of cooking that produces food that you or I would gladly eat. It would be fair to say that whilst dogs can exist reasonably well on traditional dried kibble or canned food in the same way that you or I would survive by eating, say, a cheap ready meal every day, eventually, it would catch up on us. It is just not very good for them. They, like us, experience real health benefits by eating fresh, quality food that has provenance that ticks all the boxes and shouts quality. It's obvious.

So here are the benefits that will come from moving your dog from nutritionally poor, processed dog food to freshly cooked, wholesome, natural food for dogs that provides a complete and balanced, healthier diet.

     1. You will know what your dog is eating

     2. Better, faster, stronger

     3. Better digestion

     4. Better overall condition, better skin, brighter coats

     5. Improves lifespan

You will know what your dog is eating

Feeding freshly cooked food with ingredients that you can actually see in the bowl means that you no longer need to speculate what you are actually feeding your dog. You don’t need to guess what’s in a Monty’s Larder meal. You can see it, smell it, and taste it. Kibble, and what goes into it, remains shrouded in some degree of mystery. By using nasty additives, mass produced dog food is made to look more attractive in terms of its colour and will be given an extended shelf life.

The actual proteins that are used in dry food, generally, have not been approved for human consumption are much lower in quality than the grass fed meat and fresh vegetables that we use in a Monty’s Larder meal. The mass produced dog food variant is by definition highly processed and full of ingredients and additives that, frankly, you just want to avoid.

Kibble is created by an extrusion process that uses a very high heat. Which is why the nutritional benefits are generally absent in most types of commercial dog food. Sadly, these products are full of grains, cereals, soya and other cheap derivatives to bulk out the food. 

These filler ingredients may cause bloating, loose stools, and some are even known carcinogens.

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Better, faster, stronger

How many times have you heard people say that they have had more energy simply by changing to a healthier diet. Eating a variety of nutritious foods, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lean protein that is not full of bad fat, will support and improve your overall health. The same applies to dogs. Giving your dog a diet of freshly cooked food will help to build strong muscles and promote better health. Food that is essentially human grade with high quality ingredients will build strong immunity and increase your dog’s energy and vitality. That means you should see an improved range of motion and increased playfulness after switching to a fresh diet. The protein and natural antioxidants found in high-quality, fresh food also helps fight ailments and illness. Because mass produced dry food is cooked at such high temperatures, the natural nutrients are removed by the production process meaning your dog will not be getting the goodness they need.

Better digestion

Commercial dog food has typically been bulked up with fillers that are hard for your dog to digest. A dog’s digestive system is not supposed to process the amount of fillers found in dry food. Simply, they are expelled by your dog as rather smelly poo. By changing to freshly cooked food full of natural ingredients, you will be helping your dog to digest far better.  Good for your dog, better for you.

Better overall condition, better skin, brighter coats

Many dogs suffer from skin issues like itching, rashes, and dry coats. Whilst your dog may have an allergy of some sort, skin problems can be caused by the large amounts of fillers found in dry, processed dog food.

By feeding your dog with freshly cooked meals from Monty’s Larder that uses grass fed meat and fresh vegetables full of essential fatty acids and Omega 3, your dog’s coat will be better hydrated, leaving your dog looking healthier all round.


Improves lifespan

It has been said that a dog that is not overweight and that is more active as a result of having a balanced, more natural diet, will have a longer lifespan. A dog that is healthier is also less inclined to need to go to the vet. We would therefore advocate that a dog that eats fresh will have improved, long-term health.

Monty’s Larder provides freshly cooked, grain free meals using grass fed, ethically reared meat from sustainable farms. Cooked like you would at home.

Monty’s Larder has been created by The Dorset Meat Company Online Butcher of The Year 2023.


Find out more by visiting: https://montyslarder.co.uk/products/

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